Teen Wolf star Linden Ashby reflects on his relationship with Dylan O’Brien. Ashby played Noah Stilinski, the main law enforcement character in the MTV supernatural drama and the dad to Stiles (O’Brien). Ashby recurred heavily in the first five seasons of Teen Wolf, joining the main cast in season 6 and returning for the recent follow-up film that debuted on Paramount+. Many of Ashby’s scenes were with O’Brien, and the duo’s chemistry helped bring to life the show’s occasionally comedic but always heartfelt father-son relationship.


In an interview on the Howler Back Now podcast, Ashby spoke of his time on Teen Wolf and shared a bit about his relationship with O’Brien.

As host Holland Roden remarked about the winning formula of Stiles and Noah scenes, Ashby revealed that he doesn’t see his former TV son anymore. Ashby calls O’Brien “a good man“, saying that they’ve gone in different directions:

“I don’t even see Dylan anymore. And, Dylan’s a good man, I think, and I don’t know. Our paths have just sort of gone these different ways. I love Dylan. I love Dylan. The world’s a funny place, and Hollywood is a funny place. People go in different directions and you find your own paths… and, it’s—yeah. It’s cool.”

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Why The Relationship Between Stiles & His Dad Works So Well

Teen Wolf Stiles and Noah Stilinski

The secret component of the Teen Wolf series was always the lighthearted chemistry of its cast. In the first season, when the series was still figuring out its strengths and in later installments, when the strain had started to show, what always worked out was the dynamic between the cast. That is typified in the relationship between Noah and Stiles. On paper, and perhaps without the benefit of Ashby and O’Brien’s chemistry, it would have ultimately been a heavier bond. Noah’s a single dad, often busy and Stiles has to go down dangerous paths with Scott (Tyler Posey) regularly.

Yet, both the writers and the actors are able to find some levity within that history. Stiles wants to protect his dad from the truth about werewolves and other often dangerous creatures, which results in some of the funnier Teen Wolf moments. The fact that Noah and Stiles were so supportive and easygoing made the dramatic turns, when they did happen, land even harder.

Stiles, not to mention O’Brien’s chemistry with the Teen Wolf cast, was missing from the Paramount+ movie. The sequel film was so focused on plot, planting spinoffs, and wrapping up loose ends, that it arguably lost sight of the smaller relationships moments that helped the MTV series become a hit with a devoted following. A few scenes between Stiles and Noah, in other words, could have gone a long way.

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