Teddi Mellencamp, a former cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, had some harsh words for current cast members Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke. Teddi is no longer a cast member on RHOBH and has not been for some time, but she is still friends with quite a few of the current stars. Thus, Teddi has somewhat of an ear to the ins and outs of the friend group, despite being on the outside of the show.

During a recent episode of her podcast Two T’s In A Pod, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Teddi Mellencamp had some thoughts on Garcelle and Sutton, specifically on their current status as “fan-favorites” among viewers. Teddi claimed that Garcelle and Sutton take advantage of their Twitter audiences and use them “as validation.” She warned the reality stars that they should “reel in the ego a touch because every favorite falls.” Teddi insinuated that at one point in time, she was a “favorite” on RHOBH and continued to say that it didn’t take long to become “hated” by the viewers.


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Teddi Mellencamp Still Friends With Some RHOBH Cast

Dorit Kemsley and Teddi Mellencamp looking at each other on RHOBH

Teddi is no longer on RHOBH, but she has kept her connections to the show. Teddi has remained friends with cast members Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, and Erika Jayne. Her friendship with these women has kept her in the loop of some of the drama. This is also very beneficial to her podcast, on which she seemingly only talks about drama related to the Real Housewives franchise and her former RHOBH castmates. Teddi keeps her friendships but uses them for insight into certain situations, such as when she chose to call out Garcelle and Sutton for their online behavior.

Teddi is truly unimportant to RHOBH at this point in time. However, she keeps herself relevant by commenting on current cast members and calling them out on her podcast. While that is not the most tasteful thing to do, it does gain her an audience, and it may have been justified in this case. This is not the first time Garcelle and Sutton have been called out for their online pandering to fans in the past. The way they say exactly what certain viewers online want to hear is not authentic and, frankly, does not make them look good.

Garcelle and Sutton deserve to be called out for this online behavior, just not by Teddi. She is no longer on RHOBH, so at this point, her words have no bearing over the current cast members or their behavior. Garcelle and Sutton don’t have to listen to Teddi and probably won’t since she’s not on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to keep them in check. One would hope that the other cast members may heed Teddi’s words, at least this one time, and keep Garcelle and Sutton accountable for their actions online.

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