The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers a wide variety of ways to tackle enemies and obstacles, but Tears of the Kingdom could bring back one iconic weapon that’s missing in its predecessor. The upcoming Zelda game has the difficult task of following up on an innovative title. One of the best ways for Tears of the Kingdom to expand on Breath of the Wild comes by returning to the history of the series to add more of its traditionally strong features.


The Legend of Zelda games have always had a focus on specialized items, with different tools and weapons giving Link access to different areas or the power to take down classic Zelda enemies in combat. Breath of the Wild‘s focus on freedom left it to players to tackle the gameplay in their own way, de-emphasizing the necessity of specific tools and refocusing the available types. A wide variety of elemental weapons and a limited roster of Rune powers take the place of many classic items, with most new inclusions having a focus on versatility. One iconic Zelda weapon is perfect for this approach, with a strong potential for adaptable use.

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Tears Of The Kingdom Should Bring Back The Slingshot

Link holding the slingshot aloft after discovering it in Skyward Sword HD.

The slingshot may be one of the more basic items in classic Zelda games, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make a perfect addition to Tears of the Kingdom. Focusing purely on power, slingshots are usually quickly obsoleted by a bow and arrow, but Breath of the Wild showcases a shift in mentality that could make the slingshot more interesting than ever before. Bringing back this iconic item in Tears of the Kingdom offers an opportunity to explore the physics of a slingshot and experiment with ammunition, giving players the potential to discover new applications for a simple weapon.

What The Slingshot Would Add To Tears Of The Kingdom

Link freezes a box with the Stasis Rune in Breath of the Wild

The Stasis Rune in Breath of the Wild already showcases how interesting a slingshot could be in Tears of the Kingdom. Players can attack items or enemies temporarily frozen in place with Stasis to send them launching when the effect ends, a burst of ricocheted acceleration reminiscent of a slingshot. A slingshot could let players fling smaller items with ease and a direction of aim. Link might distract Moblins with an apple flung in the right place or solve a pressure plate puzzle with a parabolic trajectory to get around obstacles. Weapon durability also places a greater value on low-level items, making the slingshot a helpful disposable staple.

Tears of the Kingdom‘s world of possibilities make the slingshot a perfect fit to deliver on more of Breath of the Wild‘s promise. As a classic Zelda weapon that has never risen to the same heights as some other iconic inclusions, the slingshot being included in Tears of the Kingdom would provide a way for it to finally shine. The slingshot is far from the only franchise staple that could benefit the upcoming game, and the likelihood of its appearance may not be any higher than other possibilities. All the same, bringing back the slingshot would be an excellent way to start Tears of the Kingdom‘s trajectory right.

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