Amid the plot holes created, Young Sheldon producer Steve Holland claims that Sheldon’s stories about George in The Big Bang Theory were inaccurate.

Young Sheldon producer Steve Holland reveals that Sheldon’s stories about George in The Big Bang Theory are inaccurate. The Cooper patriarch wasn’t able to physically appear in nerd-centric sitcom because he was long dead when the events of the show took place. However, thanks to Sheldon’s childhood stories, backed up by Mary’s rants, The Big Bang Theory painted a clear picture of what George was like as a family man.

While The Big Bang Theory described George as a no-good father, its prequel continues to contradict this by presenting a flawed but devoted father and husband. This is arguably the biggest Young Sheldon plot hole thus far, but Holland’s latest comment about the matter in an interview with TV Line attempts to shed light on the discrepancy. Read his full quote below:


Our head canon is that Sheldon on Big Bang was telling much harsher versions of the stories of his dad. And those may not have been entirely accurate either. They were certainly from his point of view, but that point of view has shifted.

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Why Young Sheldon’s George Is So Different From the Big Bang Theory’s

Mary looks away while George looks sad in Young Sheldon season 5

In its six years on the air, Young Sheldon has created countless plot inconsistencies with The Big Bang Theory. However, its depiction of George continues to be its most glaring problem, and for the longest time, CBS doesn’t seem to have any plans on reconciling the prequel’s version of the character with how he was depicted on its parent series. Things may be starting to turn around, however, after Young Sheldon season 6 just set up George’s infamous cheating scandal.

Despite Mary and George’s massive blow-up while Mandy was in labor, don’t expect the narrative to go down soon. Holland has confirmed that Sheldon’s cheating storyline won’t happen in Young Sheldon season 6. In fact, he hasn’t guaranteed that it’s something that the spin-off will tackle. Previously, they tried to explain that Sheldon has mellowed down on his dad in Young Sheldon because he has a better understanding of what it takes to be a parent. Given this, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility that CBS finds a way for him to walk back on the origins of his knocking ritual to preserve George’s image.

While it’s certainly possible that the family comedy finds a way to not tackle George’s cheating scandal, the Coopers still have a tough road ahead of them. Now that their respective cheating ways are out in the open, expect that there will be a massive fallout from George and Mary’s argument at the hospital. In fact, it will shape the rest of Young Sheldon season 6.

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