After its high-profile cancelation saga, SWAT finds a new streaming home. The procedural action series has had an eventful streak of headlines as of late. Initially, on May 5, CBS canceled SWAT despite its successful ratings. The decision was, instead, the result of the fact that the show is a co-production between CBS and Sony Pictures TV at a time when networks are increasingly favoring complete ownership of their properties. Executive producer Shawn Ryan, who reportedly hadn’t been informed that negotiations had stalled between CBS and Sony, agreed that he could move forward under the terms that CBS proposed. And with that compromise, SWAT season 7, which would be the last, was uncanceled and confirmed for an abbreviated 13-episode run.


Now, according to Deadline, the series has found a new streaming home. Netflix has made a substantial deal with Sony Pictures TV for SWAT, which is led by Shemar Moore. The first five seasons of the show will begin streaming in the U.S. on May 17. SWAT season 6, it’s expected to premiere on Netflix sometime in the fall.

The Netflix Deal Adds To SWAT’s Popularity

The cast of SWAT standing together

SWAT‘s deal with Netflix goes along with the show’s other streaming arrangements. As part of the agreement that CBS has for SWAT, current seasons are available on Paramount+ while they’re airing and then for a few months after the last season ends. The first three seasons of the procedural are also currently on Hulu. Still, the move to a new home is significant because of what’s become known as the Netflix Effect. It refers to what happens when a show gets a boost from streaming on Netflix due to the platform’s global presence.

That boost has served a diverse range of programs, as everything from Friends to Cobra Kai to the romantic thriller YOU has benefited hugely at one time or another from its Netflix availability. The platform even gave a big boost to Breaking Bad, as series creator Vince Gilligan thanked Netflix and said that the drama’s streaming popularity helped keep the series on the air. Interestingly, Netflix has renewed shows like Manifest, which was canceled by NBC. There will likely be hopes that the same holds true for SWAT.

It’s too early to make a determination about whether that happens for SWAT. But it’s worth noting that its executive producer, Shawn Ryan, recently debuted The Night Agent for Netflix. That show, a conspiracy thriller, became one of the streamer’s biggest hits in only a few short months. The existing relationship between the two is, at the very least, a positive sign.

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