Jeffrey Wright discussed a possible return as CIA agent Felix Leiter following the character’s death in No Time to Die. Making his initial appearance in the James Bond franchise’s first film Dr. No, Bond’s frequent ally returned periodically throughout the film series. Eight actors portrayed Leiter with Wright reprising the role three times, more than any other performer.


Speaking with Deadline, Wright discussed his possible return to the James Bond franchise despite Leiter’s death in No Time to Die. When asked if he would return in an eventual reboot, Wright admitted that he would and shared his enjoyment working on the latest run of Bond films. Read what Wright said below:

Yeah. Or if there’s a ‘ghost of Felix Leiter’ moment, then I’ll certainly consider doing that [laughs]. But, at the same time, I had a great run on those films, together with Daniel [Craig], Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson and I’m very happy to let that be. I’d never expected to be a part of that franchise. I was an enormous geeky fan of the Bond films as a kid, as many of us were. I’m completely satisfied with what we did there. I’m happy to move on and let someone else be part of it.

How Could Jeffrey Wright Return to James Bond

James Bond and Félix Leiter in Casino Royale

Daniel Craig concluded his run as the charming MI6 agent in No Time to Die, seeing his demise in a fiery explosion in order to keep Dr. Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) and their daughter Mathilde (Lisa Dorah Sonnet) safe from a nanobot weapon. The film also marked the end of Wright’s run as Leiter as he was killed by Logan Ash (Billy Magnussen), a traitorous State Department agent. However, due to the nature of Craig’s series of Bond films, Wright can return as Leiter when the action spy franchise returns.

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Prior to Casino Royale (2006), the Bond franchise had a loose continuity with a new story in every entry with mostly new characters. However, certain allies and villains reappeared throughout the film series. Goldeneye marked the beginning of Pierce Brosnan’s run as Bond, continuing the secret agent’s exploits along with several returning characters including Q portrayed by franchise regular Desmond Llewelyn. The film also introduced Dame Judi Dench as Bond’s leader M, the first female star in the role.

Although Brosnan’s final film Die Another Day concluded the past continuity, Dench reprised her role as M for Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall. Her return set a precedent for a possible return by Wright as Leiter in a new Bond timeline without damaging prior continuities despite his death in No Time to Die. With a new Bond actor still to be chosen, casting announcements for the rest of Bond’s faithful allies may be a long way away.

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