EXCLUSIVE: After Ben Feldman’s American Auto appearance, creator Justin Spitzer’s desire to cast America Ferrera in the show bodes well for a reunion.

Ben Feldman’s recent appearance on American Auto could point to a reunion between Superstore‘s Jonah and Amy – or the actors playing them, at least – in the not-too-distant future. American Auto is into its second season, with strong reviews pointing to another success on the hand of show creator and executive producer Justin Spitzer. The series is in many ways a spiritual successor to Spitzer’s last series, Superstore, which gained a solid following and ran for six seasons, eventually ending in 2015.


A major hook of Superstore was the relationship between Ben Feldman’s Jonah and America Ferrera’s Amy, and although Feldman plays a new character (Chase) in American Auto, any on-screen reunion of the pair would be a rewarding one. Luckily, in an interview with Screen Rant, Justin Spitzer revealed that he has in fact hoped to work with Ferrera on American Auto. Here’s what he had to say on the subject when asked if she may return:

I had asked America to play a part early on, and I think she was off doing a movie somewhere. I’d work with America again in a second. We couldn’t fit her in this season, but in the future if she’s ever game? I certainly would be.

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Of course, Ben Feldman would also have to return in order for American Autoa proper Amy and Jonah reunion. Spitzer spoke on that topic too, however, when discussing the possibility of exploring the relationship of Ben Fedlman’s Chase and Jon Barinholtz’s Wesley in flashbacks:

I would definitely be interested in bringing Ben’s character back, though. We talked about it for this season and couldn’t quite fit it in, but I’d love to see him again. I think I’d rather see evidence of their friendship now than putting them both in wigs and asking them to act like they’re in a dorm together. [Laughs]

Spitzer’s desire to keep American Auto in the present tense, combined with his hope to work with Ugly Betty‘s America Ferrera, makes a Feldman and Ferrera reunion look more like a question of scheduling than desire. Hopefully, the story of American Auto will continue past season two and find a way to give audiences the joy of seeing both actors together on screen yet again.

In What Ways Do Superstore And American Auto Cross Over?

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American Auto features many of the same cast members from Superstore, and certainly showcases Justin Spitzer’s humorous observations on the workplace and capitalist society in general. With Ben Feldman making an appearance and the casting of America Ferrera in a future episode a distinct possibility, now is the perfect time to consider the ways in which workplace comedies Superstore and American Auto may be even more closely related than previously thought. Of course, on the subject of a proper crossover featuring characters from both series interacting, Spitzer had this to say:

With Superstore and American Auto, the weirdest thing is we’ve got Jon Barinholtz in both. I don’t know what universe they’re each from, but there’s a version that would be very funny to do. With Ben there too, the more we have the same actor playing different characters, the harder it is to say they exist in the same universe.

Still, it makes sense to consider American Auto a rounding out of Superstore’s social commentary. In addition to the crossover of talent between the two series, American Auto functions in many ways as a crossing over of Spitzer’s observational writing onto a new platform; American Auto takes the sharp, inquisitive nature of Superstore and focuses it on a different segment of society. Justin Spitzer said as much when detailing his approach to American Auto:

Superstore was retail, but for me, it was really about blue-collar working class people. American Auto is about the auto industry, but to me, it’s really about the white-collar corporate executives. That’s how I approach things.

When speaking specifically about Ben Feldman’s appearance, Spitzer even discussed his initial thought surrounding Feldman’s appearance in American Auto, which would have been a rather direct response to Jonah from Superstore:

My secret fantasy was always to bring him in if we ever did an episode about unionization and they needed a union buster to come in. After what he did in Superstore, I wanted him to be the dick that came in and was just heartless about firing these guys.

That version of Feldman’s appearance didn’t come to pass, but Spitzer’s thought process proves the DNA of Superstore is a part of the conversation of American Auto, even for the show’s creator.

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New episodes of American Auto airs Tuesdays on NBC.

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