Warning! Contains preview pages for Action Comics #1055!A terrifying enemy of Superman has proven himself to be even more powerful than Doomsday. The Superman Family is finally finding out the truly terrifying potential of Clark’s most underrated ’90s antagonist.


In a preview for Action Comics #1055 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Rafa Sandoval, Metropolis has become a war zone, or at least a part of it has. A-Town, the development housing the refugees from Warworld, is under attack from the Necrohive, a twisted collection of cyborgs created by Metallo. Superman and his allies fight back against the mechanical menaces before they begin speaking in a voice that Clark knows all too well. The Necrohive is now under the control of Hank Henshaw, aka Cyborg Superman, one of the potential ‘replacement’ Supermen. After Natasha asks how he’s managed to come back from the Phantom Zone, Henshaw reminds the heroes that he’s a technopath, and that he can take control of technology from great distances. Apparently, Lex Luthor reverse-engineered a part of Cyborg Superman to help create Metallo’s new body, which gave Henshaw the opening he needed to assume control of the Necrohive.

Cyborg Superman Improves on Doomsday’s Powers

Doomsday entered the history books with his dramatic first appearance, where he rampaged across the world in a brutal fight with Superman. Though the alien was defeated, the iconic villain did the impossible and managed to kill the Man of Steel. Shortly after, four new versions of Superman burst onto the scene, each one determined to take the original’s place. However, the genuine article returned and since then, Henshaw has returned numerous times. Thanks to his consciousness being digitized, Cyborg Superman can never truly die. No matter how many times his body’s been destroyed, he always comes back ready to wreak more havoc.

Doomsday is seen as Superman’s most resilient foe, which is well-earned as the villain’s regeneration abilities have allowed him to come back from mere cells or even thoughts. However, Cyborg Superman might just be more dangerous than the hulking brute. Not only is he functionally immortal like Doomsday, but Henshaw always comes back in upgraded, new forms, often utilizing dangerous new tech. Sure, when Doomsday comes back, he’s usually got a lot more strength than he did before. But Cyborg Superman’s connection to technology and his consistent improvements pose a larger threat to Clark and his allies.

Cyborg Superman is Going to Evolve into the Perfect Kryptonian Killer

Cyborg Superman appears in DC Comics.

While Doomsday has Cyborg Superman beaten in raw strength, Henshaw becomes much more dangerous every time he comes back due to the rapid rate at which technology advances. Whenever Henshaw returns, new tech has come to the DC Universe that Cyborg Superman can easily integrate into his system. This time, he’s gotten ahold of Warworld tech, something that proved quite challenging to the Man of Steel when he first encountered it. Who knows how this kind of technology has improved him and what he’s capable of now? It’s also an alarming thought as to what he’ll be like the next time he inevitably comes back with even more advanced tech. Fans can see more of Superman’s powerful foe in Action Comics #1055, on sale May 23rd.

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