The official artwork for this year’s DC Comics Pride celebration features a large variety of astounding Pride variants to choose from with Superman, Robin and Harley Quinn as the headliners. Since 2021, DC Pride has become a landmark event for comic fans as multiple LGBTQ+ heroes, antiheroes and villains (along with writers and artists) are given the spotlight to celebrate their identity. While DC Pride 2021 was a success, 2022 gave even more heroes a chance to show their pride. It was all capped off with a well-written autobiographical comic from the late Kevin Conroy that showed the struggles he faced before becoming Batman because of his sexuality. Now, DC Pride 2023 is right around the corner, and it’s already arriving in style with the reveal of some amazing variant covers.


In an official blog post on the DC Comics website, the comic publisher highlighted some of its biggest announcements for this year’s celebration. This has included a first look at the annual DC Pride book that displays the anthology celebrating Pride like never before. However, the biggest announcement comes in the form of new Pride variant covers for different DC series. These covers are always the highlight of DC Comics’ annual Pride celebration, and this year is no different as it showcases the most notable queer members of the DC Universe with three heroes taking center stage. Jonathan Kent’s Superman, Tim Drake’s Robin and Harley Quinn are by far the most well-known queer characters in DC’s library. Each hero’s romantic journeys have made waves in the comics community, with Harley Quinn’s eternal love for Poison Ivy being regarded as one of the best couple stories in the medium. Now, DC’s 2023 Pride variants are celebrating them with some incredible artwork.

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Superman, Robin and Harley Quinn Show Their Pride in Gorgeous Artwork

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #4 DC Pride Variant

Superman #5 DC Pride Variant

Tim Drake: Robin #10 DC Pride Variant

Nightwing #105 DC Pride Variant

Harley Quinn #31 and Poison Ivy #13 DC Pride Variant

Superman is set to get two new covers that will accompany Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #4 and Superman #5 as Stephen Byrne and W. Scott Forbes respectively feature the hopefulness of the character along with a rainbow to celebrate his identity. Meanwhile, Tim Drake is supported by members of the Bat-Family in Travis Moore’s variant for Tim Drake: Robin #10 as he’s held up by his boyfriend, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown and more. He’s also featured on the cover of Nightwing #105 as artist Yoshi Yoshitani showcases him at the gym with Nightwing. Perhaps the most stunning is Harley Quinn’s artwork, as it is so big that it connects to two different comics. Harley Quinn #31 and Poison Ivy #13 will have covers by Claire Roe that feature the two on their own respective issues. However, when connected, it brings the two together in a heartwarmingly cute moment that shows everyone why Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are made for each other.

Other Heroes Get the Spotlight in Additional Variants

Spirit World #2 DC Pride Variant

Batman Incorporated #9 DC Pride Variant

Detective Comics #1073 DC Pride Variant

Green Arrow #3 DC Pride Variant

Of course, it wouldn’t be a DC Pride event without recognizing the many other faces in the LGBTQ+ community who have delighted fans over the years. Jessica Fong’s cover for Spirit World #2 will feature Xanthe Zhou, a non-binary magic user, fighting against an epic dragon with the help of John Constantine. Rosi Kämpe’s variant for Batman Incorporated #9 shows Ghost Maker arriving at a club in a stylish new outfit on a rainbow walkway. An epic cover for Detective Comics #1073 by Amy Reeder will feature Batwoman on a rainbow backdrop joined by Renee Montoya. Finally, Luciano Vecchio’s cover for Green Arrow #3 celebrates the one-year anniversary of Connor Hawke’s coming out as asexual in last year’s DC Pride with an epic take on the Ace Pride Flag behind him.

All these amazing covers will be available to buy throughout the month of June as DC kicks its celebration of Pride into full gear. There are many heroes in the DC universe that deserve to have their stories told, and DC has done a tremendous job highlighting them every year. Now, with these covers featuring Superman, Robin and Harley Quinn; it looks like 2023 will be DC Comics’ best Pride celebration ever.

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