With Lex Luthor reportedly being cast for Superman: Legacy, new details have emerged about the version that will supposedly appear in James Gunn’s DC Universe. As the DCEU is reaching its end, the DC Universe is already working on its first film for the brand-new interconnected franchise, which will be Superman: Legacy. Set to be directed by Gunn, the Superman reboot is currently casting several characters for the film, which is eying a production start in January 2024.


DC Studios is reportedly looking to fill the role of Lex Luthor alongside casting Clark Kent and Lois Lane as several actors have emerged as potential candidates. However, it appears that Gunn’s take on Lex may be significantly different from past live-action incarnations. In a new report from Deadline, the Lex role is currently being labeled as “Apex” for auditions. While it could potentially be just a cover name – which is common in superhero casting auditions – it may actually be Apex Lex Luthor, a very different iteration of the DC villain. Gunn and DC Studios have yet to comment on the report at the time of this story’s publication.

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Who Is Apex Lex Luthor In DC Comics?

Apex Lex Luthor In DC Comics

In the comics, Lex was given the powers from the God Perpetua, which made him incredibly powerful. While maintaining his intellect, Lex was also given the powers of a Martian while essentially making him an Apex Predator after being reborn as part-human/part-Martian. Apex Lex was also able to wield the seven dark energies of the universe due to Perpetua’s gift to him.

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While Apex Lex could take on Superman and other powerful heroes in the DC realm, he was also given the power to travel between realities. This was a key element mentioned in Deadline’s report, which could suggest that Superman: Legacy might set Lex up to be a major power player in Gunn’s DC Universe. Apex Lex actually ended up traveling to other Earths, where he took some of his own doppelgangers, which would be a huge element to see in live-action.

If this is truly the version of Lex they are going with, Gunn is cleverly setting up a way for Superman: Legacy and other DC Universe films to tackle the multiverse down the line. The multiverse, which has been a big storytelling device for DC’s live-action TV shows over the last few years, could allow Gunn’s DC Universe to visit other franchises that take place outside his main continuity. It would also be a refreshing way to see Lex on the big screen and allow Superman: Legacy to do something new with the villain from previous DC media.

Source: Deadline

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