Warning! Spoilers ahead for Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #1!As Superboy searches for his place in the DC Universe, he might have already discovered the great service he could provide for the Superman Family. Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #1 reveals how Conner Kent’s new mission may change the House of El forever.


Though Clark Kent began his superhero career solo, he’s been joined by several Kryptonian and Earthling heroes who have helped him broaden his work. From blood relations like his cousin Supergirl or close allies like Natasha Irons, Superman’s inner circle has expanded to the point where he has one of the strongest networks of heroes on the planet. Thanks to the tireless work of the Superman Family, there isn’t a corner of the globe where people don’t know what the ‘S’ the Man of Steel and his allies wear signifies. On Earth, the House of El crest is one of, if not the defining symbol of superheroism.

Superboy is Taking Superman’s Message to Outer Space

Superboy House of El Reputation DC Comics

In Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #1 by Kenny Porter and Jahnoy Lindsay, Conner Kent engages in battle with Doctor Polaris, only to get some unexpected help from the rest of the Superman Family. Conner heads back to the Kent Farm in Smallville and opens up to Ma and Pa Kent about the difficulty he’s had finding his place in an overcrowded team of Super-people. The talk inspires Superboy to venture out into outer space and find troubled spots in the universe. Conner discovers a distant planet being attacked by a Dominator using an army of genetically modified clones. The young hero notes that on Earth, the people all recognize the ‘S’ as a symbol of hope. But on this planet, no one, good or evil, knows what Superman or his family stand for.

While Superman has been to space before, much of his activity is limited to his adopted planet. After all, Earth is constantly under the threat of Crises or other world-ending events, and those demand much of his attention. But other places in the DC Universe are suffering just as much as Earth, and they don’t have the privilege of a Man of Steel. To them, the House of El crest means absolutely nothing. But Superboy’s new mission could be the start of a crusade that brings a new wave of hope to the DCU.

Superboy Does Superman’s Job on a Universal Scale

Superboy House of El Reputation 2 DC Comics

Conner recognizes that Superman plays an important role on Earth. Not only does Clark save people, but he inspires them and gives them hope for the future. But Superboy also knows that the Earth is lousy with Kryptonians and that their skills could be applied practically elsewhere. In his bid to find his place in the universe, Conner has already found a great role suited for him. He can travel to other planets that have no heroes and bring that same sense of hope to beings all across the DCU. Superman can inspire the world, but Conner can inspire the galaxy and beyond. Fans can see how Conner is in his new mission in Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #1, available on DC Universe Infinite and in stores April 18th.

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