• Superboy embraces his role as the Man of Tomorrow and leaves behind his desire to relive the past.
  • Conner Kent’s experiences have helped him grow and become a better hero, making him a more fitting Man of Tomorrow than Superman.
  • The nickname “Man of Tomorrow” now holds personal significance for Superboy, reminding him to focus on the future rather than dwelling on the past.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #5!Superman can officially bid goodbye to one iconic nickname, as Superboy has taken it for himself. As Conner Kent finally accepts his place in the universe, he’s giving a new meaning to one notable sobriquet.

In Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #5 by Kenny Porter and Jahnoy Lindsay, Conner has been left for dead by Superboy’s new allies, the Cosmoteers. Thankfully, Superboy is saved by the locals living on the planet, though they’re having trouble fixing Conner’s teleporter band. Upset at the choices he’s made that have led him to this point, Superboy heads to a remote area and screams his head off.

Superboy Curses Himself DC

Superboy bemoans his situation to Gleeb, one of the locals, saying Conner’s desire to chase his glory days has been nothing but a mistake. Gleeb reminds Superboy that every failure can teach a lesson and surprises Conner with a repaired teleporter band. Superboy gets in contact with Kelex, who readies Conner for transport. But Superboy tells Kelex that he’s got to stop the Cosmoteers first. Conner admits that he’s been a fool trying to relive the past and that Superboy is ready to stop being the kid he was and become the man he wants to be tomorrow.

Superboy is DC’s True Man of Tomorrow, Not Superman

Superboy is the Man of Tomorrow DC

Superboy has majorly gotten in over his head in his latest adventure. After figuring there was no place for him among a packed Superman Family, Conner headed out into space to find desperate people to save, so he could feel useful. Conner’s sojourn to outer space brought him to the Cosmoteers, a crew of alien clones united to stop the rogue geneticist, Dominator X. While Conner was happy to lend a hand, he didn’t realize that the Cosmoteers were murderers until they killed a Green Lantern in cold blood.

While Superboy’s decisions aren’t based on the soundest logic, it’s understandable given the hero’s situation. Conner’s been desperate to prove he belongs in the universe after an extremely long absence from it. Since returning to continuity, Superboy’s been clinging to the image he had of himself in the past because it’s the last time he felt like he knew who he was. However, Conner’s experiences have changed him and helped Conner grow. He can finally move on from the past and look forward to what the future brings, making Superboy a much better ‘Man of Tomorrow’ than Superman.

Being the Man of Tomorrow is an Important Credo for Superboy

Superboy Man of Tomorrow Rivas Variant Cover DC Comics

Superman is generally referred to as the Man of Tomorrow as an optimistic wish for what humanity could be like one day. But Superboy makes the nickname much more personal. It’s a reminder for Conner to stop looking back at the past and to start thinking about the kind of hero he wants to eventually become. It’s been difficult for Conner to accept that the world has changed. But he seems to have finally accepted that fact and realized it’s much more productive for him to live for tomorrow rather than relive the days gone by. Fans can see Conner redefine the classic Superman nickname in Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #5, on sale now.

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