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This article contains spoilers for The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2, episode 7.


  • Belly feels safer and more heard in her relationship with Jeremiah, according to actor Lola Tung.
  • Gavin Casalegno (who plays Jeremiah) says it will be fun to see Conrad’s reaction to the Belly/Jeremiah kiss.
  • According to actor Christopher Briney, Conrad’s reaction to the kiss is unknown and unpredictable, leaving open the possibility of him reverting to old habits.

The Summer I Turned Pretty cast discusses how Belly’s big kiss in season 2, episode 7, “Love Affair,” will impact the show’s central love triangle. The story, which is based on creator Jenny Han’s novel trilogy of the same name, focuses on Isabel “Belly” Conklin (Lola Tung) and what happens once she finds herself in a love triangle with brothers Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno). But that love triangle seemingly changed significantly once Belly and Jeremiah decided to embrace their romance with the season 2 finale looming.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly (conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike), Tung reacted to the big development in The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2, episode 7. The episode sees Conrad accidentally interrupting his brother’s heated kiss with Belly. Tung, Casalegno, and Briney react in the quotes below:

Tung: “I think that’s one thing that Belly had trouble with with Conrad, the communication aspect of it, so she feels safer and more heard in this relationship with Jeremiah. For her, it was a win. Obviously seeing Conrad shocked was like, ‘Aw, sorry you were in the dark about this, buddy.’ But I think it was a good Belly-Jeremiah moment.”

Casalegno: “I think I literally said, ‘Mic drop,’ I was like, ‘Oh, snap! Good luck with that. That’s going to be fun.’ I knew on paper it was going to be just a wonderful scene, and then doing it was something completely different. It was fun.”

Briney: “It’s such a big moment within the story and the arc of the season and for these characters. It’s pretty massive. It was a tricky one to approach through the character because you’re like, ‘How is he going to react to this?’ He can be sort of unpredictable. Is he going to lose his s—? Is he going to lose his mind? What is he going to do? This could go so many different ways. The answer is: Revert to old habits.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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