Summer House fans are on Carl Radke and his fiancé Lindsay Hubbard’s side in their season 7 feud with their friend and costar Kyle Cooke.

Summer House season 7 follows an intense feud between Carl Radke and Kyle Cooke, but fans are on Carl and his fiancé Lindsay Hubbard’s side. Carl is happier than ever now that he’s sober and in a healthy relationship with Lindsay. However, his close friend Kyle has not been supportive of his and Linsday’s relationship and blames Lindsay for the rift in their friendship. Kyle and Carl work together on Kyle’s drink company Loverboy, and Kyle believes Carl’s work ethic has decreased since he and Lindsay got serious. In the latest episode, Kyle went on a drunk rant about Carl’s past drug abuse.


Summer House star Kyle doesn’t have many fans on his side, as most say Carl and Lindsay are right. Reddit user absofruitly88 says they quickly took Carl and Lindsay’s side only 10 minutes into the recent Summer House episode. “Finally he is sober, is in a loving relationship and people will not see that progress and are pissed they lost their buddy,” the fan wrote. The fan also thinks Loverboy would eventually become a problem for Carl since he’s sober and the drink company sells alcohol. “I feel for Carl cause he gets so much hate just for being with Lindsay,” one fan added while another wrote, “I just cannot believe how insanely unprofessional Kyle was just talking massive sh*t to everyone at that dinner.

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Summer House‘s Mya Thinks Lindsay Ruined Her Friendship With Carl

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Another issue this season is Summer House star Mya Allen thinks Lindsay has gotten in the way of her friendship with Carl. However, fans have mixed opinions about the situation. Some think Mya shouldn’t be asking Carl to hang out alone when he’s in a relationship, while others feel there’s nothing wrong with friends hanging out together without Lindsay there. While many fans are team Carl and Lindsay, a few think they are in the wrong. One fan called out Carl’s unprofessional work behavior, saying he is a grown man and should be able to juggle his job and his relationship with Lindsay.

Summer House fans are right that Carl and Lindsay’s costars are being very disrespectful of their relationship. Kyle and Amanda have had many issues in their relationship, including Kyle cheating on Amanda during a night when he got blackout drunk. Things were even worse last season, and it seemed the two might not make it to their wedding. While some Summer House stars criticized them, in the end, everyone showed up to their wedding and continues to support them now. Carl and Linsday have a much healthier relationship, yet many Summer House stars have a problem with it for no good reason.

However, Kyle is very passionate about Loverboy, so it’s understandable why the Summer House star would be upset if he feels Carl’s relationship is negatively impacting his work ethic. Kyle has attempted to start several businesses, but Loverboy is the first one to take off. If he wants it to keep doing well, then he needs his employees to work hard. His anger seems misdirected as it’s not Lindsay’s fault how Carl behaves. However, if Kyle has a respectful conversation with Carl about his concerns, they could put an end to their issues.

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Summer House airs Mondays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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