Summer House star Paige Desorbo and Southern Charm’s Craig Conover have been dating for a few years, but fans of the series don’t think they’ll last.

Paige Desorbo and Craig Conover seem happy with their long-distance relationship, but Summer House fans don’t see the two staying together. Paige and Craig met in 2019 when the Southern Charm star attended a party at the Hampton’s house. However, the two didn’t officially get together until 2021. Paige and Craig spent more time together while filming Winter House, but the star was also interested in her costar Andrea Denver. Currently, Craig lives in Charleston, South Carolina, while Paige lives up north in New York. Long distance has been working well for the two, and Paige claims she has no problem being away from her boyfriend.

However, Summer House‘s Paige and Craig aren’t fooling fans who believe the two are not meant to be. Reddit user BravoMama3 wondered if Paige is really as easygoing in her relationship with Craig as she claims to be.

The user shared a screenshot from a Summer House confessional where Paige says she’s in no rush to get engaged despite nearing 30. Other Summer House fans responded, claiming they think Paige isn’t worried about marriage because she and Craig aren’t going to end up together. “I think she’s fully aware Craig is not longterm potential but likes him enough right now,” one fan replied. Another fan suggested Paige doesn’t see Craig as “hubby material.

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Summer House Fans Say Paige Wasn’t Serious About Her Last Boyfriend

Paige DeSorbo Summer House

Another Summer House fan pointed out that Paige acted a similar way with her last boyfriend, Perry, who rarely appeared on the Bravo series, but she talked about him a lot to her friends. Other fans think Paige and Craig care more about being a cute Bravo it-couple than actually being with each other. However, there are a few fans who believe Paige and think she genuinely is happy with where things stand between her and Craig, and she’s not in a rush to get married because she’s living her life day by day. “It’s entirely possible that she’s just very secure in the relationship and happy in the moment in life and doesn’t need to rush to predefined ‘next steps’. I think it’s refreshing,one Summer House fan wrote.

Just because Paige is at an age where a lot of people start to settle down and get married doesn’t mean she’s ready for the next step with Craig. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be married by 30, and there’s nothing wrong with the pair’s dynamic. It’s likely Paige is being completely genuine. The only concern is a lot of times, Paige says one thing in confessionals but acts a different way during other Summer House scenes. However, fans could also be right that Paige and Craig are not meant to be and won’t end up married.

While the two might be happy with their long-distance relationship now, this could become a problem in the future. If Paige and Craig do want to get married one day and start a family, it will be very difficult to do this from two different locations. Though they may be able to split their time between Charleston and New York, so everyone is happy. As of now, though, the Summer House star has no plans to marry Craig or move to the south.

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Summer House airs Mondays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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