• Patrick J. Adams addresses Suits’ popularity resurgence on Netflix, attributing it to Meghan Markle’s newfound fame after marrying Prince Harry.
  • Suits’ witty writing and great ensemble are also contributing factors to its dominance on Netflix.
  • The release of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix-exclusive documentary series, Harry & Meghan, likely sparked interest in seeing more of Markle as an actress, further boosting Suits’ popularity.

In true Mike fashion, Patrick J. Adams addresses Suits‘ newfound popularity. Almost three months since the legal drama arrived on Netflix for the first time and it remains very popular. Due to the dual WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, its cast has been relatively quiet about the show’s renaissance, but somehow, Adams has found a way to comment on Suits‘ resurgence four years after it ended.

As Suits‘ streaming dominance continues, Adams uses his Instagram profile to address the show’s popularity, while also offering an idea of why it has found new life on Netflix. Check out his social media bio below:

Patrick J. Adams' Instagram bio

In his bio, Adams is referring to Meghan Markle, who eventually married Prince Harry. In Suits, she plays Rachel, Pearson, Hardman’s competent paralegal, and Mike’s love interest.

How Meghan Markle’s Popularity Impacted Suits’ Netflix Dominance

Mike and Rachel in Suits

Over the last several weeks, various reasons have been given to explain Suits‘ resurgence. When it was on USA Network, it only enjoyed middling success, although it built a loyal fan base. There are different explanations for the legal drama’s newfound popularity in Suits. It includes the show’s witty writing and great ensemble. However, just like Adams, Markle becoming a household name also likely impacted people’s interest in the show when it arrived on Netflix.

It’s worth noting that before Suits became available for the first time on the streamer, Markle and Prince Harry already released their Netflix-exclusive documentary series, Harry & Meghan. It currently holds the record for the service’s biggest documentary debut ever, posting a total of 81.6 million hours watched on its first four days. Those who saw the series were likely interested in seeing more of Markle as an actress, which helped bolster Suits‘ popularity on Netflix.

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Suits‘ renaissance on streaming has resulted in calls for a revival. However, that will be difficult to pull off with a complete cast despite its recent success because of Markle’s retirement from acting. If Adams comes back as Mike, however, perhaps he can offer fans an update about how Rachel is doing — something that the last two seasons of the legal drama did every time he would come back to New York after leaving Pearson, Hardman.

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