Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Succession season 4, episode 9!

Succession season 4, episode 9 is out now, and with only one episode left in the series, here are all of the episode’s twists and reveals before the finale. Succession is still revealing all kinds of twists and turns leading up to the series finale, with season 4, episode 9 being one of the most exciting and surprising episodes yet. So, here is a recap of what happens in Succession season 4, episode 9, all of the biggest twists from Logan Roy’s funeral, and how they will affect the rest of the show.

HBO’s beloved comedy-drama Succession is finally coming to a close, with Succession season 4, episode 10 being the series finale. Season 4 has already been a wild ride, featuring massive changes in the GoJo deal, turmoil between Shiv and Tom, and even the death of Succession‘s antagonist Logan Roy. Succession season 4, episode 9 continues this storyline, with it taking place at Logan’s funeral. For a family as conflicted as the Roys, Logan’s funeral was never going to go well. Still, Succession season 4, episode 9 made the event more shocking than anyone could have ever imagined.

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10 Kendall’s Custody Battle Hints He’ll Become Just Like Logan

Kendall kneels in front of Logan in Succession

Kendall’s relationship with his kids and his ex-wife Rava has been a minor storyline throughout season 4, but it becomes a major part of his character in episode 9. In the episode, it is revealed that Kendall wants to take full custody of his kids, with him even setting up an appointment with a family lawyer. Although Kendall has purportedly wanted to be different from his father, Kendall’s actions regarding his kids show that he will become just like him, with Logan having similarly ripped his children away from their mother only to neglect them himself.

9 Why Marcia Supports Kerry At Logan’s Funeral Despite Kicking Her Out Of His House

Kerry News Anchor Succession

Succession season 4 has all but confirmed that Kerry was sleeping with Logan before his death. This was the source of some conflict, with Marcia angrily kicking Kerry out of Logan’s house after his death. However, their paths cross again at Logan Roy’s funeral, and Marcia’s tune has changed. This time, Marcia is supportive of Kerry, which is due to both of them realizing that they were only used by Logan. As Shiv points out, Logan Roy was terrible towards women, with an entire pew consisting of Logan’s former wives and lovers at the funeral. Although they fought at first, Marcia and Kerry are now sticking together.

8 Roman’s Speech Breakdown Could Ruin His Waystar Chances

Roman Succession season 4

Roman Roy was supposed to deliver a eulogy at Logan Roy’s funeral in Succession season 4, episode 9, but this didn’t happen. Once he got on stage, Roman immediately broke down, with his brother taking his place. It’s understandable to be emotional at a father’s funeral, but in the cutthroat world of Succession, this moment could ruin Roman’s chances of success at Waystar Royco. The video of Roman’s eulogy is leaked after the funeral, and not only are Waystar employees laughing, but President Mencken is too. To them, Roman came off as weak, seriously hurting his perception.

7 What Ewan Roy’s Speech Reveals About Logan

Ewan and Logan in Succession

Logan’s brother Ewan delivered a surprise eulogy at Logan’s funeral, and it revealed a lot about Logan. Despite the setting, Ewan doesn’t hold back, putting his brother on blast. Ewan points out that Logan wanted to be perceived as generous, although he was immensely greedy, with Logan Roy’s wealth far outweighing his charitable contributions. Most importantly, however, Ewan highlights that Logan stopped trying to be a good person at the end of his life, leading to immense amounts of hurt and darkness in the world.

6 What Kendall & Shiv’s Funeral Speeches Really Mean

Kendall talking to Shiv on a balcony in Succession

Kendall and Shiv both give speeches about their father at the funeral as well, and they are immensely revealing. Both of the Roy siblings despised their father, with them having plenty of unkind words to say about them. While their distaste for Logan seeped into their speeches, it was overpowered by a much bigger motivator: money. Kendall and Shiv’s speeches are dishonest PR stunts for Waystar Royco, with them falsely hailing Logan Roy as a hero and titan of industry.

5 Connor’s Tomb Reveal Makes His Funeral Speech Cut Even Sadder

Connor Roy in Succession

At Logan’s burial, Connor reveals that he knew about Logan’s $5 million dollar tomb, with him being surprised that Logan didn’t tell the other Roy siblings about it. Connor wanted to give a speech at the funeral, but it was cut by Shiv, and the burial detail makes this even sadder. It seems that Logan only talked about his death with Connor, showing that they may have had a stronger relationship than the other Roy siblings did.

4 Tom’s Breakdown Could Bring Him & Shiv Together (Or Ruin His Life)

tom and shiv sitting on the beach at the finale season 2 succession

Tom also has an emotional breakdown in Succession season 4, episode 9, and it could either bring him and Shiv back together or it could ruin his life. Tom and Shiv has been struggling throughout season 4, and this emotional moment of connection could be what fixes their relationship, with Shiv allowing Tom to sleep at the apartment. However, this could also be a move from Shiv to drag Tom down with her, implicating Tom’s involvement in her collusion with Lukas Matsson and GoJo.

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3 Why Mencken Supports Shiv & Matsson’s CEO Plan

Justin Kirk as Jeryd Mencken in Succession season 4

Kendall and Roman wanted Jeryd Mencken to become Succession‘s president so that he would block GoJo’s buyout of Waystar Royco. However, Shiv and GoJo CEO Lukas Matsson devise a way to keep the deal going. They propose to Mencken that Shiv becomes the CEO of GoJo’s American operations, and Mencken seemingly supports this. Mencken’s presidential platform runs on propping up American businesses and xenophobic fears of foreign tech, and this plan allows Mencken to seem like his making GoJo a strong part of America.

2 Succession Season 4, Episode 9’s Final Scene Suggests The Worst Is Yet To Come

Connor, Kendall, Shiv, and Roman at Logan's funeral in Succession season 4

Succession season 4, episode 9 is set against the backdrop of political unrest in the wake of Mencken’s presidential election, with protestors constantly filling the streets of New York City. The episode’s final scene sees Roman Roy infiltrate a crowd of protestors, with him verbally abusing and even physically assaulting some of the demonstrators. This is just a sign that the worst is yet to come, as the growing political instability and increasing likelihood of the Roys making unhinged moves means that scary things will happen in the Succession finale.

1 Succession Sets Up Its Kendall & Roman Vs Shiv Ending

Shiv, Roman, and Kendall Roy in Succession season 4

While they have been constantly joining and breaking alliances with one another, Succession season 4, episode 9 finally sets up the finale’s Kendall and Roman vs. Shiv ending. Kendall and Roman have been firmly against the GoJo deal, but now that Shiv has seemingly kept the deal going, the two brothers will have to fight her on this. Kendall and Roman decide to go to the board to directly take action against Shiv, and this exciting face-off will be a huge part of the Succession series finale.

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