Umbralwitch’s stunning recreation of The Sandman’s Lucifer Morningstar in cosplay form gets original author Neil Gaiman’s retweet of approval.

Cosplayer Umbralwitch’s stunning recreation of The Sandman‘s Lucifer Morningstar receives original series author Neil Gaiman’s retweet of approval. Gwendoline Christie portrayed the fallen angel who rules over Hell in Netflix’s television adaptation of Gaiman’s celebrated graphic novel series that premiered in 2022. The Sandman centers on Tom Sturridge’s Dream, a powerful cosmic being who is the personification of dreams and nightmares, as he seeks to reclaim his power and domain following a century of imprisonment, crossing paths with nightmares, immortals, demons, and other manifestations of key concepts of the universe.


Umbralwitch shared a photo of their cosplay of The Sandman‘s Lucifer, taken by photographer needleandhammerstudio during the Wellington Cosplay Photo Fest on their Twitter account.

In the post above, Umbralwitch perfectly captures Christie’s portrayal of the Ruler of Hell through their amazing cosplay, recreating the black robes worn by Lucifer when Dream challenged them to a battle of wit and wisdom, complete with the fallen angel’s bat-like wings. Umbralwitch’s cosplay would soon earn the attention of Gaiman, with the author giving his seal of approval and further sharing Umbralwitch’s work with his own audience by retweeting the cosplayer’s original post.

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The Sandman’s Lucifer Morningstar, Explained

The Sandman Lucifer rests their weight on a table

The Sandman‘s Lucifer Morningstar first made their debut in The Sandman #4 in 1994 as a supporting character, with the character later receiving their own series published by DC Comics in 2000. Lucifer drew inspiration for their character in John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and their design was inspired by David Bowie, veering away from the publisher’s previous takes on the Biblical figure as a more complex character. Prior to Netflix’s series, Peter Stormare portrayed Lucifer in 2005’s Constantine, with Tom Ellis later portraying the character in the television series Lucifer.

While Christie’s Lucifer differs from prior portrayals, her take on the character is a more accurate representation of the Ruler of Hell during their debut in the original comic series. In Netflix’s The Sandman episode 4, “A Hope In Hell”, Dream is forced to face Lucifer after embarking to Hell in search of his helm, after the demon who stole it names Morningstar as their champion in a battle of wits for the artifact. While Dream outwits Lucifer and retrieves his helm, Lucifer vows to kill the Lord of Dreams, with a brief scene in episode 10, “Lost Hearts”, showing the Ruler of Hell meeting with the Dukes of Hell to decide their next steps against Dream.

Christie’s portrayal of Lucifer is a powerful, cunning foe who almost ends Dream’s quest to reclaim his domain, making them one of the most powerful and intimidating figures seen in The Sandman season 1. As such, Umbralwitch’s brilliant cosplay not only manages to perfectly recreate the Ruler’s battle attire, but their choice of pose in needleandhammerstudio’s photograph captures the incredible intelligence and strategic prowess that Lucifer showed in episode 4’s mind-bending battle of wits. With Gaiman approving of their stunning work, Umbralwitch’s spectacular cosplay is an excellent recreation of one of The Sandman‘s most imposing figures.

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