Stranger Things star Matthew Modine pitches an unlikely season 5 return for his character Dr. Martin Brenner, claiming he’s beaten death before.

Actor Matthew Modine wants to make a surprise return in Stranger Things season 5, despite his character previously being killed off. Modine first joined the cast of Stranger Things season 1 as Dr. Martin Brenner, the director of Hawkins National Laboratory who oversaw clandestine experiments being conducted on children with unique abilities. Despite being attacked by the Demogorgon during season 1 and presumably left for dead, Modine’s character would ultimately return as a key antagonist for Stranger Things season 4 before falling prey to a sniper’s bullets in the penultimate episode.

Modine spoke with while attending the BAFTAs and expressed his desire to make another unlikely return for Stranger Things season 5. While show creators Matt and Ross Duffer have previously intimated that Brenner is deadfor real this time,” Modine has other thoughts on the matter. Suggesting that “we didn’t really see him dead”, the actor references his character’s previous track record for surviving against unlikely odds. Check out his comments below:

I hope that there’s some way to resuscitate Dr. Brenner and put him in season 5 because it would be wonderful to be part of the last season.

Well we didn’t really see him dead – he was just lying there in the dirt. He’s survived the Demogorgon, he survived Vecna in episode 1 of season 4…

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How Dr. Brenner Could Fit Into Stranger Things Season 5

Dr. Brenner and Eleven

While it is true that Dr. Brenner has beaten death on a number of occasions, it seems unlikely he will walk away from being shot during Stranger Things season 4. However, in a show like Stranger Things, this does not necessarily mean the character will be absent entirely. In addition to appearing in a series of flashbacks before his triumphant season 4 return, Modine’s Brenner was also conjured as a hallucination during the events of season 2.

Created by another former test subject from Hawkins Laboratory, Brenner’s intimidating presence was once projected into Eleven’s mind by Kali, or Eight. While this was originally done in a bid to have Eleven face her traumatic past, such an ability could serve another purpose during Stranger Things season 5. With Vecna’s return now imminent, by reintroducing Kali and her abilities, the Duffer brothers could potentially arm their heroes with a truly unique weapon.

Given Vecna’s already impressive display of power, the ability to distract him with visions of the man he despises most would be an invaluable asset. Moreover, it would also serve to neatly tie up a loose story thread that has been left hanging since season 2. Whether Modine will actually get a chance to return as Brenner for Stranger Things season 5 remains to be seen, but with filming on the final season set to get underway later this year, more updates on who will be involved should emerge soon.

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