Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Station 19 season 6 finale.

The Station 19 season 6 finale saw the death of one character and a cliffhanger ending that could lead to another, though killing off both of them would be a huge mistake. Station 19 season 6 was a season full of dramatic moments and surprising twists, but the season finale was the most shocking yet, featuring the death of Dixon and the potential death of Jack. Station 19 has seen multiple characters die across its six seasons, but to kill off two major characters in one episode would be a mistake, especially given the timing of the events and the characters who would be affected.


The Station 19 season 6 finale revolved around the firefighter ball, at which Warren received a medal of honor for his heroic actions in episode 15. Unfortunately, the celebration turned sour when the floor of the ballroom collapsed, endangering the attendees. However, it wasn’t all disaster, with Andy being named captain and fighting for Ross to remain fire chief. Along with Dixon’s death after falling through the floor, the Station 19 season 6 finale ending saw Jack collapsing despite appearing fine earlier, leaving viewers to wonder if the episode had killed off not just one but two major characters.

Station 19 Would Be Wrong To Kill Of Jack After Dixon’s Death

Pat Healy As Dixon & Merle Dandridge As Chief Ross In Station 19

Station 19 killed off five characters ahead of the season 6 finale, with Dixon becoming the sixth and Jack potentially becoming the seventh. If Station 19 were to kill Jack off as well, it would make the season 6 finale the first episode in which two major characters died. Dixon played a huge role in Station 19 season 6 as its main villain through his mayoral race against Travis. In the episodes leading up to the Station 19 season 6 finale, Dixon also used his power and knowledge to blackmail Chief Ross and attempt to get her fired, with the ultimate goal being to end the Crisis One program.

When Dixon wasn’t named mayor in Station 19 season 6, it looked as though the battle against Dixon was finally over. His appearance in the Station 19 season 6 finale seemed to suggest otherwise, only for his character to be killed off. Dixon’s death was hard and shocking enough, and having Jack die on top of it would add insult to injury. The focus on Dixon dying meant that any pain Jack might have been experiencing went overlooked, making it an even more surprising and heartbreaking ending for Station 19 season 6 and possibly Jack’s character.

Jack Was Finally On The Right Track In Station 19

Jaina Lee Ortiz As Andy Herrera & Grey Damon As Jack Gibson In Station 19

Part of what marks the potential of Jack’s death in Station 19 so sad is the fact that he was finally on the right track in season 6. Jack has been through many ups and downs throughout the show’s runs and experienced a lot of growth and change in season 6. The biggest story in Station 19 season 6 is mental health, which was explored with Jack’s character as he dealt with the discoveries he made about his birth family at the end of Station 19 season 5.

In Station 19, season 6, episode 17, the episode before the finale, Jack is finally reunited with his foster sister, Lila, who was found by his biological sister, Brooke. Throughout Station 19, Jack has been looking for a family, blood or otherwise, and it would be cruel to kill him off when he’s finally found one. Jack’s made many mistakes in the past, but he’s an integral part of Station 19, and killing him off alongside Dixon would be a big mistake.

Station 19 Has Suffered Enough Losses

Pruitt in Station 19

Part of Jack’s family in Station 19 is the firefighters at SFD Station 19. Together, they’ve all been through a lot, including losses. In Station 19, season 3, they lost Rigo Vasquez and Pruitt Herrera, then in season 5, they lost Dean Miller. If they were to lose Jack, it would be another heartbreaking blow for the team and a terrible way to start Andy’s captaincy. Andy has been looking to be promoted to captain since Station 19, season 1, and it would be a shame for it to start with one of her closest friends dying.

Station 19 season 6 has had multiple instances in which a character seemed as though they were going to die, and hopefully, that will be the case with Jack as well. Fortunately, Jack is already surrounded by paramedics, and his chances of survival seem high. Ben also appeared in the Grey’s Anatomy season 19 finale to support Bailey at the Catherine Fox Awards, which he likely wouldn’t have done if Jack had died. It’s unsure when Station 19 season 7 will premiere, but viewers can only hope Jack is alive and well when it does.

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