Finding your parents in Starfield is one of the activities you can complete if you take the Kid Stuff trait in character creation. The traits in Starfield will determine some of the experiences you will have as you explore the galaxy, but for this one, the player will have to find their parents on their own. If you do find your parents, it will be very beneficial to you in the long run.

The Kid Stuff trait is one of the best traits in Starfield, as it gives several big rewards that will benefit the player later. Your parents occasionally give you gifts, and when you receive the last one, you can cut your parents off, removing the negative aspect of the trait if you want to. But to remove the trait, you will have to find them regardless, which you can do as soon as you have completed the first two main story missions.

Your Parents’ Location in Starfield

The player visiting their mom and dad in their apartment in Starfield

You will reach the Lodge at the end of “One Small Step,” and after that, you will head to the Sol system to finish “The Old Neighborhood” quest. After you return to the Lodge, Noel will approach you and give you a note from your father. This will prompt the activity mission to find your parents. From there, head back to the transit station below the MAST and travel to the Residential District.

You can immediately see a sign in front of you from the Resident District with arrows for several buildings. Follow the arrows to the Pioneer Tower, which points the player right to the tower’s location in the residential district. Follow the path, and the tower will be in front of you quickly. There is a bar on the lower floor where you can interact with patrons, but to meet your parents, go straight from the door to the elevator. Use the interact button to go to your apartment and wait for the elevator to ascend.

While not necessary for this mission, interacting with patrons at the bars in various cities and ports is an excellent way to find new crew members for ships and Outposts.

Follow the hallway once you are off the elevator and interact with the first door you come to. Once you open it, you should see your father quite quickly, and he will be surprised to see you and call your mother over. He and your mother will talk to you, and you can exhaust the dialog to tell them about your adventures and whether you have romanced an NPC in Starfield yet.

After that, you can leave, but your parents will show up at random after that, and this is usually a good thing. After completing another main story mission, your parents will show up at the Lodge and give you a unique pistol. But the best reward is a free ship upgrade in Starfield, which will come last but is well worth the wait and hanging onto the trait.

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