• The Hero Worshipped Trait in Starfield is a reference to Oblivion‘s Adoring Fan and provides a crew member with a few tangible benefits.
  • However, the Hero Worshipped trait can become annoying due to the characters constant talking.
  • Oblivion fans may enjoy the reference but should consider recruiting a more viable character afterward.

Starfield‘s Hero Worshipped Trait sounds good on the surface, but there’s a little more to it than meets the eye. Hero Worshipped is one of several Traits players can choose from when creating their characters. They work similarly to Perks in the Fallout series, with each including one or more pros and cons – for example, boosting one stat at the cost of another. Hero Worshipped doesn’t have any apparent downsides when first taking it, but its issues become clear later.

The Hero Worshipped Trait is one big reference to a minor character with a major impact, originating in the prior Bethesda RPG Oblivion. In that game, The Adoring Fan is a starstruck elf who waits outside the Imperial City Arena. Once the player character completes that side quest line and becomes the Grand Champion, the Adoring Fan will glom onto them, following them over hill and dale and occasionally offering to shine their boots. Thanks to his unusual coif and overenthusiastic voice lines, Oblivion‘s Adoring Fan has become the target of many a meme. A similar character’s inclusion in Starfield is just one big in-joke, but he has his perks.

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Pros Of The Hero Worshipped Trait In Starfield

A smiling Hero Worshipper stands in front of a set of steps on a bright, sunny day.

At the very least, Starfield‘s Hero Worshipped Trait is the easiest and most reliable way to gain a crew member in the game. Crew members can either be sent to make money at one of Starfield‘s outposts, or follow the player character around. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. The Hero Worshipper isn’t the most versatile companion, but his two points in Weight Lifting allow him hold a fair amount of the player character’s junk. He’ll also occasionally scrounge up random gifts, which can vary in usefulness, but are never totally bad. Also, the Adoring Fan’s constant flattery is a little funny, at least at the beginning.

Cons Of The Hero Worshipped Trait In Starfield

A more serious-looking Hero Worshipper sits in a chair in a screenshot from Starfield.

Eventually, the Hero Worshipper gets a bit grating. He seemingly never stops talking, and his incessant praise brings diminishing returns. Other than his ability to hold lots of junk, he’s far from the best companion in Starfield. With one point each in Scavenging and Concealment, he’s not exactly a combat powerhouse, and will quickly overstay his welcome. He can always be sent away when that happens, but that puts the Hero Worshipped Trait to waste.

All things considered, the Hero Worshipped Trait isn’t worth the trouble, at least not on a first playthrough. It’s a nice little nod to one of Oblivion‘s most memorable annoyances, but just isn’t practical in the long run. There are many other crew members who can do much of the same as the Hero Worshipper, many of whom are far less annoying and more helpful. Oblivion fans may get a quick laugh from briefly checking out the Hero Worshipped Trait In Starfield, but should be prepared to start another more viable character afterward.

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