The many skills in Starfield can be increased to adapt your character to various situations, but the Persuasion trait might be the most helpful by giving you a better chance to win checks in conversations. Sometimes, Persuade options appear as you talk to different NPCs that could unlock new paths if your character is charismatic enough. Passing these checks can be crucial in your journey from new missions to getting yourself out of danger.

The Persuade choice in many dialogue trees is only offered once your character acquires the Persuasion skill through upgrades or backgrounds. The best Social Skill builds in Starfield usually include Persuasion, as you choose where to distribute upgrade points as you gain more XP. The Industrialist, SpaceScoundrel, Sculptor, and Diplomat backgrounds all give you free points in this skill when you are creating an avatar.

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How To Pass Persuasion Checks in Starfield

Starfield Persuasion Check Passing System Mini-Game with Color-Coded Dialogue Options with Point Values

To win a conversation and pass your Persuasion checks, you have to build enough points during a limited number of turns during a conversation. When talking to someone, you will see a Persuasion bar in the bottom-left that lets you know how many points you need to fully convince an NPC in Starfield. This area also tells you how many turns you have to do this, resulting in a failure if that number reaches 0.

Prompts that show up in dialogue have point values that will contribute to the overall Persuasion bar in Starfield if your skill is high enough to succeed on the individual option. Each Persuade choice is color-coded based on how difficult it is to pass the check, with green being easy, yellow being moderate, and red being difficult. Typically, green checks contribute +1 point to the Persuasion bar, while red can go up to +5.

To provide an example conversation, you have to earn 4 Persuasion points to win a dialogue and convince an NPC. You are then given a limited number of turns to pass several green, yellow, or red checks that could earn enough points to succeed depending on how high your Persuasion skill is.

While upgrading your Social Skills is the best way to increase your Persuasion, certain items and outfits can also bolster your chances of winning checks. In addition, you can Auto-Persuade when you pass enough checks even before you get the needed points. Sometimes, picking the perfect option will give you Critical Success, automatically letting you pass the challenge at once.

Those who learn how to win every conversation’s Persuasion skill checks in Starfield will have the skills to mold the best outcome for their character in almost any situation.

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