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One of the most important aspects of Starfield is exploring the galaxy in your ship and repairing it after some heated battles. Ships are one of the game’s most vital aspects; some may even argue that they are perhaps the most customizable part of the experience next to the characters themselves.

As you progress through, you will unlock several ships in Starfield and can make a decision on which one you feel is right. Once that is done and the ship is named, it’s only natural that the same ship will want to be kept, which means that it then comes time to focus mainly on upgrades and repairs.

Ship Repair Options

A ship tech in starfield sitting at a desk

Regardless of what you may have been expecting, you likely discovered that piloting a ship in Starfield is no easy feat, and ensuring that it takes no damage is rather tricky. You will be juggling between monitoring shields, weapons, and engines while operating it. Even the best pilots will take damage sometimes; thankfully, repairs are pretty simple. Repairs can be done on the go or until later, depending on how much damage the ship has actually taken.

Often, the easiest way to repair the ship is to visit a ship vendor at a hub on one of Starfield‘s many planets. These technicians sell and upgrade ships, but they can also repair them. Unfortunately, it will cost you around 1000 credits, so it’s recommended to use this method only sometimes if necessary. The other option is to repair it yourself, which can conveniently be done on the go. However, the downside is that this still requires ship parts to repair your ship on the go.

Where To Find Ship Parts

Starfield ship blowing up another ship with a star system in the background.

Unfortunately, while repairing a ship yourself can save some credits from being wasted, ship parts are not an easy thing to come by. So often, you will need to decide whether you have a better chance of getting the parts or finding ways to make money in Starfield. It’s recommended that you always try to accrue parts and keep them stored away.

There are a couple of ways to obtain parts for a ship, so it’s up to players to decide. One of the first options is to request it as a reward. Occasionally, when helping patrols get rid of pirates while exploring Starfield‘s large map, you can request a specific reward, which can include ship parts. The best way to do this is to engage in combat while piloting the ship.

If you decide to help local faction ships defend themselves, they will be more than willing to offer a reward for all the trouble. Unfortunately, this can also mean that you risk taking extra unnecessary damage to the ship that wouldn’t have been taken otherwise, so it’s up to the player whether they want to take that risk. Another thing to watch for when it comes to ship parts is that they will occasionally be dropped as loot by enemy ships.

Therefore, it’s important to loot any leftovers from a fight in Starfield, as there can be things of value hidden among the remains, including ship parts. Though keeping your ship in top shape isn’t mandatory, it is highly recommended, as prolonging repairs and then stumbling into nasty combat could cause the ship to take severe damage.

How & When To Repair A Ship

Ship tech showing the option for ship repairs in Starfield

Despite the expense, occasionally utilizing the Ship technician in Starfield to repair the ship for 1,000 credits can be worthwhile. Early on, 1000 credits will seem like an enormous amount to pay for a simple repair, but once players begin to master making money, this may become the easier option; just be sure it doesn’t empty your pockets.

Additionally, ship parts should never be utilized to make repairs if safe, and the option to use a Ship Tech is available. If you waste ship parts this way, you could be in a sticky situation during combat if there aren’t any left. These on-the-go repairs can be done simply by hitting ‘O’ or holding the right stick, as long as the necessary parts are available. Another thing to keep in mind is that fewer repairs will be needed if Ship Upgrades in Starfield are being utilized.

Upgrades can be overlooked when getting carried away with Starfield, but having a better defense means taking less damage, which in turn means fewer repairs. Shields can be a game changer for ships, so be sure to speak with the Ship Vendors regarding upgrades to see what is available.

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    Bethesda Game Studios presents Starfield – the first original IP from the studio in twenty-five-plus years. Set in the year 2310, the United Colonies and Freestar Collective are observing a shaky truce after a war set 20 years prior. The player will customize their character as a member of a space exploration team called Constellation while navigating The Settled Systems and the conflicts between the warring factions. According to Bethesda, players can explore over 100 systems and 1000 planets to find resources and build their ships, living out their own sci-fi journeys.

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