Conditions known as Status Effects can hinder your character in Starfield, causing damage or making you weakened. Here’s how to cure every affliction.

One of the dangers of traveling to every distant world available in Starfield is the risk of your character contracting rare status effects that are difficult to cure without the right items. Throughout the game, you will inevitably come into contact with various status afflictions, all with a range of harmful effects. By identifying the type of injury, you can also learn how to fix the problems attached to your character.

You can identify if your character has a status condition by looking at your Watch Compass in the screen’s bottom left corner. Conditions appear through the “Status” menu from the Data Screen as well and are represented by a specific color and symbol. For example, a burn effect has a different color than a poison affliction, each having a distinct icon that may be seen as you travel through Starfield‘s massive open world.

Some status afflictions in Starfield include frostbite, contusions, burns, poison, radiation, lacerations, puncture wounds, corrosive and other conditions. Make sure to learn the color and unique icon behind every effect to know what is hindering your character.

How to Fix Every Status Effect in Starfield

Status Affects in Main UI in Starfield

Every status effect in Starfield can be fixed by applying the correct Aid item to your character that matches the symbol color of the affliction. Aid items will always have an icon that should be the same as a condition’s, making it clear what ingredient cures which affliction. Those who are still confused can also read the Aid item description to make sure that it may be consumed to fix the right effect.

Status Affects in Starfield

If you are struggling to find the right Aid item for a status effect, you can always be treated by a doctor for a small amount of money to cure any condition. After beating Starfield‘s main story, this may be a better option than searching your vast collection of items found in the game. Hiring a doctor for an Outpost or organizing your base to include a section in its cargo hold for Aid items makes curing conditions far easier.

Some status afflictions could go away over time when you don’t have the right Aid item or can’t reach a doctor wherever you are. While this may not apply to every status, sometimes simply sleeping in your bed for a day or two will eliminate a condition. Those looking to cure every status effect in Starfield may want to try this method out first to conserve Aid items and avoid spending credits with a doctor.

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