Mandalorian history in Star Wars has long since identified the Jedi as ancient enemies, but one line from Ahsoka has indicated otherwise.

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  • Ahsoka episode 3 reveals the existence of other Mandalorian Jedi, rewriting the history of Star Wars and adding complexity to their relationship with the Jedi.
  • Huyang’s statement confirms that there have been more Mandalorians who became Jedi besides Tarre Vizsla, suggesting a deeper connection between the two groups.
  • The existence of other Mandalorian Jedi implies that there have been lightsaber-wielding Mandalorians in Star Wars history.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 3.

The history of Mandalorians has been rewritten by Star Wars in just a single line. It’s long since been known about the rivalry between Jedi and Mandalorians, who have gone to war with each other on multiple occasions.

Tarre Vizsla, the creator of the Darksaber, is the only Mandalorian Jedi that Star Wars history has previously spoken of. Ahsoka episode 3, however, has revealed that he’s not the only one.

Huyang Hints There Have Been Other Mandalorian Jedi

Huyang tells Ahsoka and Sabine in Ahsoka episode 3 that “few” Mandalorians have ever become Jedi, a statement that indicates there have been more than just Tarre Vizsla.

How Mandalorian Jedi Rewrite The History Of Star Wars

There have been more instances of these two warring groups coming together more often than previously indicated, something that makes the timeline of Mandalorian history even more complicated in regard to their relations with the Jedi. This also implies that there have been Mandalorian Jedi in Star Wars history who have wielded lightsabers other than the Darksaber.

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