• Data is revealed to be the third most decorated officer in Starfleet history, alongside Garth of Izar and Benjamin Sisko.
  • Data’s service record vindicates his trial in “Measure of a Man” and disproves prejudices against androids in Starfleet.
  • Data’s status as an iconic Star Trek character and his continued success may eventually elevate him above Garth and Sisko.

Warning: contains spoilers for Star Trek: Day of Blood #1!

Star Trek has officially named the three most decorated officers in Starfleet history, as revealed in Star Trek: Day of Blood #1, from IDW Publishing. Starfleet has had numerous legends over the years, ranging from Jonathan Archer, to James Kirk, to Katherine Janeway, but three stand head and shoulders above the rest: Captain Benjamin Sisko, Garth of Izar and Commander Data.

Star Trek: Day of Blood #1 – written by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing and Christopher Cantwell, drawn by Ramon Rosanas, colored by Lee Loughridge, lettered by Clayton Cowles – inaugurates the franchise’s first ever comic book crossover event, bringing together the crews of the Theseus and the Defiant. A text piece in the issue, analyzing the two crews, establishes Data as the “third most-decorated officer in Starfleet history.”

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Data Is a Singular Star Trek Character

Crew bio text page from Star Trek Day of Blood #1

As the third most decorated officer in Stafleet history, Data is in some august company. The only two other officers with more commendations and awards than Data: Garth of Izar and Benjamin Sisko. Garth of Izar, active during the 23rd century, was the hero of many battles, and his exploits became required reading at Starfleet Academy. However, Garth went mad, ending his career in disgrace. Benjamin Sisko, Data’s current commanding officer the USS Theseus, previously commanded Deep Space Nine, and was the Federation’s greatest hero of the Dominion War. Sisko’s exploits ensured that he would be highly decorated, and unlike Garth of Izar, he remains respected and admired.

Data’s Record Puts Him in Great Company

Steve Ihnat as Garth of Izar in Star Trek

For seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the android Data, played by Brent Spiner, served the USS Enterprise and Starfleet with distinction. Created by Noonian Soong, Data, and his evil brother Lore, have become icons in the Star Trek universe. One of a handful of sentient androids known to the Federation, Data was nearly drummed out of Starfleet during The Next Generation’s second season, in the episode “Measure of a Man.” The classic episode put Data on trial, forcing him defend his sentience and right to exist. Recently, Data joined Captain Sisko on the USS Theseus, on a mission to stop Kahless and the Red Path from killing the universe’s god-like beings.

Data’s service record not only elevates him to the upper echelons of Starfleet, but also serves as vindication for the trial he was forced to undergo in “Measure of a Man.” It also serves to silence those in the Federation who believed an android would never make a good Starfleet officer. Data has dealt with such prejudices throughout his entire career, and his life has been spent proving himself to those aroud him. Data is one of Star Trek’s most iconic characters, one of Starfleet’s greatest, and in time, it is likely he will surpass Garth in the rankings, if not Sisko as well.

Star Trek: Day of Blood #1 is on sale now from IDW Publishing!

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