Star Trek: Enterprise executive producer Brannon Braga says killing Trip Tucker in the series finale was unnecessary on The Shuttlepod Show.

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  • Executive producer Brannon Braga admits that Trip Tucker didn’t need to die in the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • Braga addressed this issue in a recent podcast and acknowledged that Trip’s death wasn’t necessary and it didn’t have the intended impact.
  • Fans and cast members, including Scott Bakula, were disappointed with the finale, which focused on guest stars from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Star Trek: Enterprise executive producer and co-creator Brannon Braga admits that Commander Trip Tucker (Connor Trinneer) didn’t have to die in the series finale. After 4 seasons, Enterprise ended in 2005 with a final episode titled, “These Are The Voyages…” Enterprise‘s finale angered fans and members of the cast, including series lead Scott Bakula, because it was really about Star Trek: The Next Generation guest stars Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis. Making matters worse, the beloved Trip Tucker was killed off in Enterprise‘s finale, which is still a bitter pill for fans.

Appearing on The Shuttlepod Show podcast in 2022, Brannon Braga fielded a fan question asking why Trip Tucker had to die in Star Trek: Enterprise‘s controversial series finale. Braga gave a fascinating mea culpa to hosts and Enterprise actors Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer, and he admitted Trip’s death wasn’t “necessary.” Read his quote and watch the video, starting at the 3:40 time stamp, below:

He didn’t [have to die]… He just… would be the most heartbreaking character to kill off in some way. But I don’t remember why [we wanted to kill Trip off]… I don’t think killing Trip was necessary. To answer the question, I don’t think it had the impact we intended, and I don’t think it was necessary.

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