Eventually, the MCU may want to introduce Peter Parker’s Spider-Man replacement with Miles Morales, and the ending of Phase 6 with Avengers: Secret Wars is the best means of doing so. Having already completed one trilogy that began with Spider-Man: Homecoming, it’s been reported that Tom Holland’s Webslinger is signed on for three more of his own movies as well as a collection of appearances in other Marvel projects such as the upcoming Avengers films. Within those appearances, there’s a perfect way to introduce Miles Morales in Marvel’s Phase 6.


As it currently stands, Marvel’s Phase 6 is set to end with Avengers: Secret Wars. If it indeed takes inspiration from the comics’ storyline of the same name, the major crossover event will likely feature multiversal incursions on a massive scale, possibly creating a new reality in its wake. Furthermore, Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars and its aftermath put Miles Morales in a critical role, something that could perhaps be replicated in the MCU. Here’s why Avengers: Secret Wars is such a strong opportunity for Miles’ live-action debut.

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Miles Morales’ Spider-Man Is Bigger Than Sony’s Animated Movies

miles morales in spider-man across the spider-verse

Having become incredibly popular thanks to Sony’s animated Spider-Verse franchise, Miles Morales is living proof that “anyone can wear the mask” and that Peter Parker doesn’t have to be the end-all when it comes to Spider-Man. Voiced by Shamiek Moore, the upcoming Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse movie will show just how unique and important Miles truly is, even in a sea of various Spider-Heroes who’ve assembled from across the multiverse. As such, a live-action debut for the character is more than warranted.

As it stands, the Spider-Verse franchise is confirmed to be a full trilogy (at least). Once it concludes, the time may be right for Miles to make the jump to live-action, joining Peter Parker as another Spider-Man in the MCU. Miles Morales is a beloved character both on the screen and on the page. However, he’s so much bigger than just animation when it comes to the movies. As such, the chance for Marvel Studios and Sony to bring the next iconic Webslinger to live-action must be seized, albeit in the right way.

Secret Wars Is The Perfect Vehicle To Debut Live-Action Miles Morales

Miles Morales in Spider-Verse and the MCU Avengers

The best means of debuting Miles Morales in the MCU undoubtedly lies with Phase 6’s Avengers: Secret Wars. Having begun with Phase 4, Marvel’s Multiverse Saga has been largely defined by other realities and new variants of the heroes audiences know and love. In the comics, Miles originally existed in his own reality designated Earth-1610, more commonly referred to as the “Ultimate Universe” where Peter Parker died in battle against the Green Goblin. Having received spider powers of his own, Miles took on Peter Parker’s mantle. While he had met the primary Spider-Man of Earth-616 previously, Miles and Peter’s worlds eventually came together as one in the aftermath of 2015’s Secret Wars.

Just as Marvel Comics’ understood the value of having both Miles Morales and Peter Parker together in the same reality, the MCU could and should follow suit with their own version of Secret Wars. The MCU’s culminating crossover capping Phase 6 will likely feature all kinds of variants and heroes from other realities. This means Miles would fit right in, giving him a natural opening to be introduced to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and the greater MCU at large. Likewise, the potential for Miles to be the same version seen in Sony’s animated Spider-Verse movies would mean he’d already have plenty of multiverse experience.

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Miles Morales In The MCU Can Phase Out Peter Parker

Miles Morales and the MCU Avengers

Seeing as how Spider-Man 4 has yet to even receive a release date, Peter Parker’s next trilogy in the MCU likely won’t have concluded by the time Avengers: Secret Wars hits theaters in 2026. However, it’s still the most organic way to integrate any version of Miles Morales into the MCU. Marvel Studios can then begin phasing Tom Holland’s Peter Parker out as Spider-Man, giving him a meaningful conclusion before passing the torch to a brand-new Webslinger in the MCU who’s had time to become established. At any rate, here’s hoping Avengers: Secret Wars will serve as the perfect vehicle to bring the MCU’s original Spider-Man and Miles Morales together.

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