The upcoming Disney+ show Spider-Man: Freshman Year will be a fresh and stylish animated outing for the iconic web-slinger, Peter Parker. Taking inspiration from numerous Spider-Man adaptations, Freshman Year was initially believed to be part of the main MCU timeline, but 2022’s San Diego Comic-Con revealed that this isn’t quite the case. Freshman Year will be a unique take on one of Marvel’s most famous superheroes, with surprising connections to the MCU. Spider-Man is seen by many as Marvel’s flagship character, with decades of comic books capturing the imaginations of readers and inspiring numerous adaptations to film and television.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced its own version of Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, in Captain America: Civil War, which only referenced the web-slinger’s iconic origin story in passing. For a time, it appeared that Freshman Year would finally explore this skipped portion of the MCU Spider-Man’s history. Marvel Studios’ animation panel at 2022’s San Diego Comic-Con revealed numerous exciting details about Spider-Man: Freshman Year, including its premise, cast, and release window. Although heavily inspired by the MCU, Freshman Year will explore the life of a new version of Peter Parker, though those familiar with Tom Holland’s iteration will see many parallels between the two web-slingers.

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The Latest Spider-Man: Freshman Year News

spider-man freshman year characters

The most noteworthy Spider-Man: Freshman Year news so far has been on who will (and will not) be stepping from the MCU and into the vocal booth to voice their live-action characters. What If…? featured many MCU actors reprising their roles for the animated forms of their characters. Sadly, Tom Holland will reportedly not be voicing the titular character in the upcoming animated series (via The Illuminerdi), but actor Charlie Cox will be voicing Daredevil, and Paul F. Thompkins will be playing the Marvel villain the Wizard. Other characters in the series have also been announced, but as previously stated, no voice actors have been attached.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year Release Date

The logo for Spider-Man Freshman Year Disney+ prequel show

Spider-Man: Freshman Year was officially confirmed during the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con. The newest Spider-Man cartoon will be written by executive producer Jeff Trammel, and is already in the early stages of production. However, Freshman Year is still quite a long way away from releasing, though Marvel Studious gave an encouraging announcement for the series from showrunner Jeff Trammell on Freshman Year production so far. While it has a vague year-long release window, Spider-Man: Freshman Year has been confirmed to run for at least one additional season after its first, and season 1 of Spider-Man: Freshman Year premieres sometime in 2024.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year Cast

Spider-Man Freshman Year logo and Tom Holland

Tom Holland is slated to appear in more Spider-Man movies, but will reportedly not be voicing Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Freshman Year. However, there are many other Spider-Man voice actors who could easily take his place. One possibility is Hudson Thames, who voices Spider-Man in Marvel’s What If…? The new animated Spider-Man show won’t be the tale of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man origin, despite having similarities, so it is understandable Holland may not be involved. Spider-Man: Freshman Year only has confirmed two other confirmed voice actors. Bentley Wittman, Marvel villain The Wizard, will be voiced by Paul F. Tompkins, in addition to Charlie Cox reprising his role as the MCU’s Daredevil.

While other actors haven’t been announced for Spider-Man: Freshman Year, numerous characters have been confirmed to appear in the series alongside Peter Parker, Bentley Wittman, and Matt Murdock. These characters include Jean Foucault, Lonnie Lincoln, Nico Minoru, Amadeus Cho, Pearl Pangan, and Harry Osborn. Various other characters have also been teased for the upcoming Spider-Man: Freshman Year, such as Dr. Otto Octavius, Speed Demon, Unicorn, Norman Osborn, Scorpion, Tarantula, the Rhino, Carmela Black, Butane, and Chameleon. Kingpin has also been rumored to appear to fight against Spider-Man and Daredevil, and many are hoping actor Vincent D’Onofrio will reprise the role in voiceover.

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Spider-Man: Freshman Year Story Details

Spider-Man Freshman Year Peter Parker

Taking inspiration from the early Silver Age Spider-Man comics and the many Spider-Man screen adaptations, Freshman Year will explore the beginning of Peter Parker’s superhero career. Not only will the series have him face off against classic Spider-Man foes like Doctor Octopus and Chameleon, but it will also feature Norman Osborn taking on a mentor role for Peter Parker, just as Tony Stark did in the MCU. This cements Spider-Man: Freshman Year as being set in a different universe to the MCU, though it seemingly has many parallels to it, suggesting it could be similar to the alternate realities shown in What If…?

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