WARNING: spoilers ahead for Gunslinger Spawn #19!The Spawn franchise has introduced a gross new power, ratcheting up the gory body horror that is core to the series, and giving the beloved Hellspawn an R-rated advantage over those who try to destroy him.

Spawn shows off his new powers in Gunslinger Spawn #19 by Todd McFarlane, Brett Booth, Adelso Corona, Ivan Nunes and Tom Orzechowski, which opens with the gun-toting Gunslinger Spawn captured by a cadre of angels. His captors decide to try out their weapons on the Hellspawn, and wind up blowing a huge hole through his torso. Unfortunately for them, Al Simmons arrives to help. Simmons cleans house, and Gunslinger Spawn is able to free himself and get in on the action, which is where he reveals his horrifying new ability. He turns the hole in his torso into a gaping maw of sharpened teeth, which he then uses to decapitate one of the angels.


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Gunslinger Spawn Can Turn His Wounds into Weapons

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Ultimately, it’s revealed that both Spawns had switched places before Gunslinger went through a portal and was captured by the angels, so it’s actually Simmons’ original Spawn who displays this horrifying new power. While never displaying such abilities before, it is entirely in-keeping with Spawn’s hellish powers. Simmons has routinely used his spikes, chains and even his cloak to repel his enemies in the past, and given his transformative and healing capabilities, the idea of him turning a wound into a toothy mouth isn’t much of a stretch.

Spawn’s Powers Have Infinite Applications

Spawn from the cover of Creepshow.

Spawn has long been characterized by gnarly body horror, as the battle between Heaven and Hell leaves little room for restraint. The ‘stomach mouth’ move brings to mind classic movies like The Thing and From Dusk Till Dawn – except this time, the reader is on the side of the hellish creature taking a bite out of their victim. In Spawn‘s universe, the dividing line between Heaven and Hell isn’t as clear as it might seem, and agents of both are capable of atrocities and gut-churning powers. Spawn’s malleable body, living cloak, and use of the hellish material known as necroplasm make his physical body a playground for creators, with another gross trick always waiting around the corner.

It’s likely fans will see this ability again in the pages of Spawn comics – after all, grievous injuries aren’t exactly uncommon in the battles the franchise’s Hellspawn find themselves fighting. However, the move does confirm that if Spawn ever gets the movie reboot fans are clamoring for, it will unquestionably need an R-rating to do the comics justice.

Gunslinger Spawn #19 is available now from Image Comics!

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