Cher Hubsher from the hit TLC reality TV series sMothered is known for her unusually strong bond with her mother, Dawn Hubsher, and her life outside of her mother is equally interesting. She is a wife to Jared Gopman and a mother to their young daughter, Belle. In addition to her family life, Cher has worked professionally as an actress, cheerleader, life coach, and nurse. She has a well-rounded professional career but values her family more than anything.


Before the cameras started capturing Cher and Dawn’s mother-daughter relationship, they were still incredibly close. They have always had matching clothes and considered themselves to be twins because of how much they look alike. Cher and Dawn co-wrote the book “A Bond That Lasts Forever,” where they shared their personal experiences and talked about how they built a happy, healthy mother-daughter relationship. Their bond has only grown stronger since Cher had a daughter.

sMothered’s Cher Welcomed A Daughter In 2019

Cher and Dawn Hubsher show off their book

In July 2019, sMothered‘s Cher and her husband Jared welcomed their first daughter Belle May to their family, and Cher clearly loves motherhood and raising her sweet daughter. Jared, a plastic surgeon, met Cher while attending Florida State University. Jared proposed at the end of their college career, and the couple was married a year later.

sMothered’s Cher Balances Motherhood With Career

Cher is a nurse and began her healthcare career working in the mental health niche. After that, she moved into cosmetic medical procedures. The reality TV star worked for four years as a nurse before she shifted career paths. Cher became certified in life coaching and started her date coaching business in New York City. Cher loves to help people through her work and gains fulfillment from what she does for a living.

sMothered is not Cher’s first TV appearance. She also appeared on the MTV reality show My Super Sweet 16 in 2007, where her extravagant Sweet 16 party was filmed and televised. Shortly after, she booked minor roles in television shows. She continued to do so as she focused on her education. She played Tina in Blind Thoughts, Sally in The Amityville Terror, and Mandy in Small Fish.

Cher also spent some time cheerleading for the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team. After graduating college, she started that job and strayed from reality television for a while. Her cheerful personality and smile certainly contributed to her success as a cheerleader. It allowed her to shine in the spotlight in a whole new way. She then returned to television when she joined sMothered with Dawn.

Cher Hubsher has been seen doing many different things, and the entire time, she has maintained a strong connection with her family, specifically with her mom. From being a nurse to starring on a reality television show filled with cringe-worthy reveals to being a mother, Cher has a lot of experience in many different paths. She is currently focused on being a mother to Belle and getting advice from her mom about being a mother. Although Cher has appeared on the hit reality TV series for four seasons, TLC has yet to renew sMothered for a season 5. In the meantime, Cher has plenty to keep her busy.

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