Even though it’s exciting to save the world from ruin as the Dragonborn, some of the best aspects of The Elder Scolls 5: Skyrim are those which are a bit more rooted in reality – such as being able to marry the game’s best characters. With a total of 66 different romantic candidates, each varying in walks of life, every player can find someone to settle down with, if they so choose. However, a few particular NPCs are written with far more interesting personalities or stories, which make them stand out against the rest of the fish in the sea.


By today’s standards, Skyrim‘s marriage system isn’t anything spectacular. There are very few interactions that the Dovahkiin can actually share with their in-game partner, and oftentimes, they can simply feel like an additional source of income or home cooked meals. This underlying issue is even prevalent in titles like Elder Scrolls Online, which should deepen marriage mechanics for a more immersive experience (otherwise, fan-made romance mods are plentiful in the modding community). But when it comes to vanilla Skyrim, there are a handful of spouses that actually hit the mark, despite the game’s shortcomings in this regard.

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Muiri Is A Vengeful Lover In Skyrim

Muiri sitting at a table in Skyrim.

It’s no surprise that Muiri is one of the more popular marriage candidates in the Skyrim community, as her backstory is one of the most heartbreaking tales in the game. Growing up in Windhelm with Clan Shatter-Shield, her life fell apart when her sister Friga was murdered by The Butcher, and her now ex-lover Alain betrayed her trust to steal from the Clan. Her family blamed her for Alain’s actions, even accusing her of being an accomplice, and so she decided to run away to Markarth and start a new chapter – but not without seeking revenge.

Members of Skyrim‘s oftentimes nonsensical Dark Brotherhood will inevitably meet Muiri, as she has put out a contract to kill Alain and her former friend, Nilsine Shatter-Shield. Eliminating both of these targets for Muiri can feel like a prize on its own, as it will finally bring the aspiring alchemist some justice. But revenge aside, Muiri’s position as Bothela’s apprentice at The Hag’s Cure can also allow the player to make the potion shop their home. They’ll be able to use the alchemy table and take the useful, well-stocked alchemic supplies whenever they please.

Skyrim’s Marriage Candidate Marcurio Is A Sarcastic Spellword

An image of Marcurio sitting on a bench eating bread on the left, and an image of him standing with a sword on his belt on the right.

Muiri can help the Dragonborn by brewing potions, but Marcurio takes a more hands-on approach when it comes to showing his dedication and loyalty. As a follower, he’s a well-rounded mage, being able to cast a wide variety of spells but most notably specializing in shock-based magic (which is especially handy against other mages).

Thanks to his versatility, he’s one of few followers worth the trouble in Skyrim, but it’s his uniquely snarky personality that makes Marcurio shine. His offhanded comments are sarcastic, yet still display an unwavering appreciation for the Dragonborn, making him one of the most comedic and memorable characters – let alone partners – in the game.

Camilla Is A Petty Skyrim Marriage Option

An image of Camilla Valerius looking back at the camera while standing outside of Riverwood in Skyrim.

Most Skyrim players will be familiar with the love triangle between Camilla, Faendal, and Sven, which takes place in Riverwood mere minutes after the Dragonborn’s botched execution. Camilla Valerius is the talk of the town, with both the archer Faendal and the bard Sven trying to win her affection (in ways that are less than savory), and it’s not surprising why. She’s the co-owner of the Riverwood Trader, which grants her a steady income, but her sweet personality and desire for adventure paint her as more than just an average shopkeeper.

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Although it’s always better to help Faendal over Sven in Skyrim, players can break the hearts of both men at once by stealing Camilla away from them. This prospect alone is hilarious, especially considering their antics that ultimately led to no avail. So if not for Camilla’s charm and admiration of adventure, players who want to wreak chaos in the hearts of NPCs may enjoy a marriage with her. This won’t stop either of the men from trying to win Camilla’s love – Faendal in particular is notorious for visiting the Imperial woman, even if she’s married to the Dovahkiin – but it can be well worth it for the sheer chaos.

Skyrim’s Scouts-Many-Marshes Is A Heartwarming Marriage Partner

An image of Skyrim's Scouts-Many-Marshes, holding some wood and standing on the Windhelm docks.

Argonians are some of the game’s most underrated characters, being both mistreated by the Nords and generally not getting as much screen time as they should. In particular, Windhelm’s Scouts-Many-Marshes is a memorable reptilian dockhand whose resolve and outlook on the world are downright commendable. Being an Argonian is the best character choice in Skyrim, but even if the player decides to play as a different race, Scouts-Many-Marshes should be at the top of their list for marriage candidates.

Despite the outright discrimination Argonians face in Windhelm in being forced to live on the docks, Scouts-Many-Marshes remains optimistic. Instead of fighting fire with fire, he tries to be understanding of Nords, and even attempts to convince his peers to do the same. This is not to say that he’s a pushover, as he recognizes he’s underpaid and eventually sends the player to confront his boss. But in a district as polarizing as Windhelm, maintaining a positive attitude requires some serious mental fortitude. He’s a feel-good character to keep around, and if the player wishes to adopt children, Scouts-Many-Marshes is the perfect parental figure.

There are 66 different characters that the Dovahkiin can start a committed relationship with (even though good Skyrim characters aren’t on the marriage option list), so they should feel free to explore their options. In the end, though, choosing Muiri, Marcurio, Camilla, or Scouts-Many-Marshes can yield results that are far more immersive and meaningful than the rest. Marriage still remains quite limited, and there are many ways that Elder Scrolls 6 can improve on this mechanic in the future – but as long as Skyrim‘s sequel incorporates lovable characters similar to these four, hopeless romantics will have a lot to look forward to on their next Elder Scrolls adventure.

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