Gwen Brown is starting to open up about Sister Wives Leon Brown’s decision to step back from their polygamous family after their transition.

Gwendlyn “Gwen” Brown of Sister Wives has been the unofficial spokesman for the polygamous family for months and is now opening up about her sibling, Leon Brown. The daughter of Kody and Christine Brown hasn’t been holding back her opinions since TLC put the cameras downs. Gwen’s insight has been enjoyable as she is sharing more of the story.

Over the years, the Brown family has had a few changes, which have included two of Sister Wives Kody Brown‘s children coming out as bisexual and transgender. However, Gwen’s experience was very different from Leon’s as the only child of Kody and Meri Brown chose to come out on the show. Leon coming out was a bit worrisome at first since the polygamous family is still a part of the Apostolic United Brethren fundamentalist group, which doesn’t believe in gay rights or marriage.

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Some Family Members Don’t Agree With Leon Brown Being Transgender

Gwen once again delivered some interesting information after uploading another telling YouTube video to her channel. The 21-year-old gave an update on her sibling, noting that Leon had chosen to distance themselves from the Brown family and Sister Wives in general because some members were “partially against transsexuality.” In the video that she published last Sunday, Gwen, one of the bravest Brown siblings, shared that her family is still very “conservative,” with some family members not being supportive of Leon’s lifestyle choices. Gwen didn’t mention who wasn’t supportive of Leon, but it’s clear that enough family members disagree for Leon to want to distance themselves.

Leon Brown Is Unapologetic

Gwen seemed to support Leon’s decision to move away from the Brown family. The Sister Wives star revealed to her YouTube viewers that Leon has been “separating themselves” from the situation and sticking to safer people. Gwen noted that it wasn’t that Leon wasn’t fitting in among the Mormon family but more about needing to be around people they trust, saying they had found a “safer community for themselves.” According to Gwen, Leon has always been the “odd one” out in the family, much like a black sheep because they didn’t have a sibling to get along with.

Sister Wives’ Gwen did not divulge any names of family members who may disagree with Leon’s choices. Her brother, Paedon Brown, could be one of them, as Paedon and Leon are currently feuding. Kody and Christine’s only son has spoken about how he felt their lifestyle was a trend. In June 2022, Leon came out as “genderqueer, trans,” and has since undergone their top surgery and moved to Colorado with their partner, Audrey Kriss.

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