Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown is Janelle and Kody Brown’s daughter, but she hasn’t seen her dad in months. There may be a rift in the Brown family.

Janelle Brown’s oldest daughter Maddie Brown pointed out that her father (Kody Brown from Sister Wives) hadn’t visited his grandchildren in a while. Tensions were at an all-time high during Sister Wives season 17. Based on Kody’s lack of interest in visiting certain family members, it’s becoming clear that he has an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to keeping in touch with others in his life.

While Maddie may not have chosen to take part in the TLC series at first, she has accumulated quite the following. Sister Wives has chronicled the lives of Maddie’s parents, Janelle and Kody Brown, and their polygamist lifestyle. For a long time, their marriage was illegal in Utah, so the family was forced to move. Sister Wives‘ Maddie Brown, along with her husband, Caleb Brush, has been regularly featured on the show, which began in 2010. For many seasons, Maddie has evolved onscreen. Now, she is an adult who’s trying to navigate the waters of motherhood.


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Sister Wives’ Maddie’s Family Continues To Grow Without Kody

In February 2023, Maddie and Caleb’s family grew, as they welcomed a baby girl. Their youngest daughter Josephine Lee joins their two other young children, Axel and Evie. Despite this momentous occasion, there is still no sight of Kody anywhere on Maddie’s Instagram, and Kody‘s own IG does not mention the newest family member at all. Instead, Kody’s latest post was about his recent divorce from his wife, Meri Brown. Kody ignoring his children is an ongoing trend, but it’s truly shocking that he would fail to acknowledge the addition of a new family member. Despite this, Maddie and Caleb seem thrilled with the safe arrival of their daughter.

Sister Wives’ Kody Appears To Prioritize Himself

Even before the birth of Josephine Lee, there were signs that Kody had no interest in visiting. Maddie took to her Instagram to share two of the cutest additions, as she revealed that the Brush family had adopted two puppies. Maddie introduced the two Labradors as Caroline and Gracie. According to the Sister Wives star, “Axel is OVER THE MOON, Evie isn’t quite sure.” The adorable picture melted viewers’ hearts, as they could see the chocolate and black lab adjusting to new surroundings. However, they quickly noticed that while Janelle was there to help, Kody was nowhere to be found.

Kody has been MIA for some time now, which has affected the lives of all his children, not just Maddie. Kody refused to travel to New Jersey when his daughter needed surgery, and he also didn’t go to North Carolina to see his two grandchildren. It is possible that Janelle has become fed up with Kody’s selfish ways. She may have decided to join Christine Brown in Utah, after she posted that she would be packing up for the winter and leaving Arizona. Hopefully, Kody will realize the importance of reaching out to his children and prioritizing family. Someday, there may be improvement when it comes to Kody’s personal relationships with his children on Sister Wives.

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