It seems like Gwen Brown from Sister Wives was not impressed with Robyn Brown’s acting skills when Kody Brown’s fourth wife filmed her hospitalization. The daughter of Christine Brown and Kody has shared on more than one occasion that she doesn’t particularly like the patriarch’s only remaining spouse. Since the last season ended, Gwen has been one of the most outspoken Brown children.

Viewers met the polygamous family in 2010, when Kody introduced his three wives and girlfriend to the world. Sister Wives‘ Gwen Brown was one of 18 children Kody had sired, and often kept to herself when she was younger. The daughter of Christine frequently came across as an oddball, as she liked nerdy things, but as she aged, Gwen grew bolder and more opinionated. Now an adult, Gwen is debunking myths about her relationship with Kody and Robyn.


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Sister Wives’ Gwen Doesn’t Believe Robyn’s Lies

While recapping season 17, episode 13 of Sister Wives, Gwen was able to share her thoughts about the episode, which showed Robyn admitting herself to the hospital. Gwen could hardly contain her outrage as she blasted Robyn for having the nerve to record herself while masked up in a bed. Gwen told her Patreon followers that it was, “wild” for her to claim she was suffering, while still being able to record her journey. Robyn never addressed the footage, and simply shared that she was happy to be okay after the ordeal.

Sister Wives’ Kody & Robyn Aren’t Vaccinated

Kody and Robyn Brown in Sister Wives talking to cameras and smiling

Gwen went on to say that she didn’t understand the thought process behind Robyn, “pulling out a camera while you’re dying.” The 47-minute video also showed Gwen sharing that she was happy that Robyn wasn’t seriously ill. However, she added that the whole situation was quite odd. Gwen couldn’t help but throw shade towards Kody’s favorite spouse, as she asked the audience if they also felt, “iicked” out by Robyn’s mindset. She called Robyn’s choice to vlog, “less human.”

During the tense episode, Robyn recorded herself waiting to be checked out for her COVID symptoms. However, the Sister Wives star was not put on a ventilator, and her oxygen levels in the background seemed to be strong. Despite saying that she was having trouble breathing, Robyn continued to film herself. Kody waited dramatically outside the hospital, questioning whether his wife would die or live. At the time, it was easy to feel frustrated by the serious situation, as Gwen had also revealed in a previous video that they chose not to get vaccinated.

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