Sister Wives star Meri Brown regularly shares inspirational sayings, though her latest quote appears to take a passive aim at her now-ex, Kody Brown. Meri and Kody married in 1990, with Meri taking on the role of Kody’s first of what would become four wives. In her long-standing marriage, Meri was painted as a villain within the Brown family, as she preferred solitude and didn’t quite gel with the other wives and some of their children, and, towards the end, Kody himself. On the heels of her fellow Sister Wives Janelle and Christine leaving the plural family, Meri followed suit by divorcing Kody in 2022.


Meri Brown’s cryptic posts have grown in numbers as of late, with statements ranging from there being more to the story within her failed marriage to alluding of rifts within her former family. Meri‘s latest Instagram story, however, revolves around a need to set loftier standards. Credited to “unknown,” Meri’s story stated, “Never apologize for having high standards. People who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them.” As Kody consistently failed to meet Meri’s needs once they grew apart in their marriage, this post could very well be suggestive of Meri’s need to find someone who actually wants to be in her life.

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Shares Her 2023 Goals

Meri Brown from Sister Wives posing for camera

Since her divorce, Meri is rumored to be moving away from Flagstaff, where the Brown family compound was set to be built, prior to three of the four wives leaving Kody. As Meri makes these moves to change her life following her split from this polygamous family, she is also encouraging others to do the same within their own lives. “Every one of us is WORTHY of what we want. It’s not selfish to have a dream, desire, or goal,” Meri began via another Instagram story, adding, “Once you give yourself permission to dream, start doing something every day that gets you a little closer to it.”

Meri Brown received a bad rap at times on Sister Wives. When Kody checked out of their marriage once the family grew, Meri became emotionally invested online to another man, though this ended in a catfish situation with a woman at the other end of the line. This event would prove to fully separate Kody from Meri, despite the fact that Meri stayed and put in the work to fix her end of their failings. Finally, Meri is taking back her life. Since leaving Kody, Meri’s Instagram page is filled with happier moments, such as travels and time spent with friends, while her stories contain life-giving, sometimes cryptic, posts.

Luckily, viewers will see this happier, motivated side of Meri Brown very soon, as Sister Wives will return for season 18. Adding to the intrigue of this new season, Janelle and Christine are also set to return for filming, showcasing their upended lives as well since also leaving Kody Brown. However, Christine is already off of the market, as she is newly engaged to a widower named David Woolley. With all of these fresh, still-evolving storylines, paired with watching Kody move forward in a monogamous marriage to his now-only wife, Robyn, Sister Wives season 18 will likely be highly watched, and happier than ever, for the former wives.

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