• Kody Brown should stay monogamous with Robyn Brown, as taking another wife could destroy their marriage.
  • Robyn wants monogamy with Kody, and won’t tolerate him pursuing other relationships. This is a sea change, as she was formerly a proponent of plural marriage.
  • Kody’s attitude towards long-term polygamy will surely determine the fate of their relationship, and the future of the Sister Wives dynamic.

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown may still be reeling after losing three of his wives, and he should strongly consider staying monogamous with Robyn Brown. Right now, Kody and his one remaining wife are a united front, but there are some cracks in the surface, which may eventually run deep and pull them apart. The big issue is that Robyn wants monogamy with Kody forever, not just for a while. However, he’s been a dyed-in-the-wool polygamist for years, and due to his history, he may find it hard to be with just one woman.

When he was courting Robyn on Sister Wives, he was living his best life during the infatuation phase. He was all lit up around her. Clearly hopelessly in love with the petite brunette, he was willing to upset three other wives because he passionately adored Robyn. Kody never acted so giddy and romantic with his other spouses, and they definitely noticed the difference. His crush set the stage for the disastrous end of his plural marriage. The other women in the Brown family needed way more than he could ever give, even though they’d been managing their expectations for eons.

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Why Can’t Kody Give Robyn What She Wants?

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown

Now, Robyn’s found her voice. Instead of employing her usual passive-aggressive tactics, she’s taking the direct route. The former “fourth wife” has made it crystal clear that she won’t be happy if Kody goes a-courtin’. She’ll feel totally disrespected. This about-face follows years of Robyn extolling the dubious virtues of polygamy, on and offscreen.

Now that she’s told Kody what she wants, and made sure that everyone else knows too, the ball’s in his court. How will he handle this? He’s used to being in charge, although Robyn’s surely the power behind the throne. Will he cede to her, giving her the power that he should, as a proper patriarch, wield? Can this king give his queen absolute power? Only time will tell.

Queens have reigned. It doesn’t have to be a king calling the shots. Look at the infamous and impressive Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I, who reformed society like nobody’s business, ending some cruel and barbaric practices linked with religious intolerance. No, she didn’t have it easy, but she took care of business.

Elizabeth I had to deal with sexism too, but she managed to change almost everything for the better, clearing England’s debts, restoring peace (well, mostly), and boosting the economy. What would Robyn do with such power? Within the confines of her marriage, she can force a revolution, making Kody see things her way. She can topple the entire Sister Wives premise in one fell swoop.

Will Kody give her that power, or retreat into what he’s always known? A new wife might make him feel alive, in a way that wipes away some of the misery of the past years, when the war over Coyote Pass raged like a wildfire, and only Robyn stayed by his side. His masculine pride has taken one heck of a hit, and a younger wife might boost his self-esteem. Robyn once did the same thing. However, if he puts another Queen on the board, he may lose the one he has. There can only be one queen in a court. That’s why the other three wives fled.

When kings and queens wanted to stay on top, there was endless infighting. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Regents wanted to keep their power, while shady rivals wanted to take it away. If Kody puts two Queens into the mix, knowing all too well what kind of disaster struck when four Queens were jockeying for position, he’s just a fool. However, that outcome is possible, if only to save a crumbling Sister Wives empire that helps to pay the bills. No matter why he moves the chess pieces around, he may find that he loses the game.

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