• Robyn’s request for monogamy goes against their long-standing values within their plural marriage, causing tension in her relationship with Kody.
  • Robyn’s possessiveness over Kody, being the “favorite wife,” may have contributed to her insecurity and discomfort with Kody pursuing other women.
  • If Kody decides to court new wives, Robyn may consider leaving him, adding to the drama unfolding in Sister Wives.

Sister WivesRobyn Brown is Kody Brown‘s only wife, but with Kody possibly courting new spouses in the future, many are watching Robyn closely to gauge how jealous she’ll get. Robyn has asked for a monogamous relationship with Kody, which goes against their long-standing values within their one-time plural marriage. As Kody lost wife after wife in the last few years, with Christine Brown leaving him in 2021, followed by Janelle Brown and Meri Brown leaving him in 2022, he’s found himself at the end of his rope when it comes to his marriages.

Though Robyn initially pushed for Kody to build new relationships for their plural marriage, she has changed her tune. Kody, who was initially hesitant to pursue new relationships outside his marriage with Robyn, has found himself refreshed and seemingly ready to explore additional options. On the other hand, Robyn has decided that watching her husband court new wives may be too much. Though Robyn is used to Kody having other wives vying for his attention, it seems she’s gotten used to being the only wife, and it may no longer be in her plan to welcome plural marriage.

Robyn’s Trying To Keep Kody Away From Other Women

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Although Kody and Robyn have been part of a plural marriage throughout the entirety of their relationship, Robyn has always been possessive of Kody. This is despite the fact Robyn typically got more time and attention than the other wives. Now that Robyn is the only wife left standing, she may be feeling insecure or uncomfortable with Kody pursuing other, possibly younger women. With her possible insecurity, it seems likely that if Robyn is demanding monogamy, it’s because she’s happy not to have to share her husband with anyone else.

Robyn May Have Been Jealous Of The Other Wives

image of Robyn looking shady, with insets of Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown from Sister Wives

Although Robyn and Kody’s marriage is the most recent, she’s been regarded as the “favorite wife” since her addition to the family and while the majority of that decision was made by Kody, it’s possible Robyn had a hand in it as well. It’s not a stretch to think Robyn may have been jealous of her fellow sister wives. With Robyn always finding a way to sit next to Kody in group situations, have him stay longer at her home, and generally take up more of his time, it’s possible that jealousy in the relationship isn’t a new phenomenon for Kody.

Would Kody Taking A Wife Make Robyn Leave Him?

As Kody has dealt with multiple marriages for the majority of his adult life, his family has collapsed as Sister Wives season 18 comes into view. Three of his previous wives have already decided to take their lives into their own hands and gain independence from their marriages, leaving Kody and Robyn to pick up the pieces. It’s possible that with Robyn’s jealousy, she’ll decide to leave Kody as well if he chooses to begin courting another woman or multiple women. For Sister Wives viewers, the drama is only getting started.

Sister Wives season 18 premieres Sunday, August 20 at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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