• Robyn and Kody’s marriage may have lost its passion and chemistry.
  • Robyn’s recent comments about monogamy have possibly damaged their bond, and may signal the end of their marriage.
  • Robyn’s challenging Kody’s authority and stating her needs. This has changed the dynamic of their relationship, making him feel less important.

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown has just one wife left, but that doesn’t mean that she’s the woman of his dreams. While he was clearly in love with Robyn back in the day, the two may have lost that loving feeling. Marriage is hard work, and sometimes, spouses get tired of each other. As the years have passed, Robyn and Kody have maintained a bond. They share children. However, when it comes to passion and chemistry, they may have hit the wall. They’ve been under pressure for years, and that’s not so romantic.

Aside from parenting together, which is no picnic (although being a parent is definitely fulfilling), the Sister Wives celebs have dealt with shade from viewers and media outlets. Kody and Robyn have also lived through the saga of Coyote Pass, and watched three bitter wives flee. Now, Robyn’s talking about how she wants monogamy, but Kody may be wondering if spending the rest of his life with Robyn is really the right decision. He’s got options, and there’s no reason why he can’t go courting if he’s feeling restless. A new and young wife would be a novelty, but she’d definitely upset the apple cart.

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Are Robyn & Kody Still In Love?

Sister Wives - 8 Reasons Kody - Robyn Brown's Monogamy Won't Last

Their honeymoon phase ended long ago. In relationships, it usually takes a couple of years before romantic relationships “go platonic.” While some duos are still totally into each other, years after getting together, others slide towards a sort of comfortable companionship, which just isn’t as exciting as it used to be. Generally, there’s a big payoff nonetheless, as a spouse is a best friend. That type of bond is priceless. However, Robyn and Kody may not be best friends anymore.

Robyn’s been speaking out, sharing some pretty strong words about her marriage. She’s stated that Kody taking another wife would make her feel disrespected. By saying such things aloud, she’s stepped out of the safe space of her marriage, and possibly destroyed her bond with Kody. He may not appreciate her talking like that when the whole world is listening. While they’re used to being followed by a camera crew, Robyn usually respects Kody’s boundaries. Now, she’s broken them.

Men like Sister Wives‘ Kody need to feel important. These male polygamists are used to being at the head of households, telling a bunch of women what to do. Since Robyn’s now telling Kody what to do, by letting him know that she won’t be happy if he takes another wife, things are very different. Sure, they’ve had disagreements, but not like this.

Robyn’s clearly stating her needs, and there’s a threatening quality to her words. Not in terms of a physical threat, but she seems to be saying that if Sister Wives‘ Kody decides to take another spouse, they’ll be done. While that could be a misinterpretation, there’s no way that she’d say that stuff for no good reason. Robyn always knows what she’s doing. That’s why she’s been slapped with the manipulator label for so long.

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