• Christine Brown made a smart decision to leave her marriage with Kody due to jealousy, neglect, and lack of physical and emotional intimacy.
  • Meri Brown may have stayed in the plural marriage for financial reasons. If the show ends, there may be financial repercussions.
  • Janelle Brown’s independent and focused on enjoying life. She’s likely to find happiness, and may not have romantic feelings for Kody anymore.

Sister Wives season 18’s airing, and it’s time to talk about the love lives of Kody Brown‘s exes. Christine Brown was the first spouse to flee, after dealing with so much turmoil during her marriage with Kody. She lived with a lot of jealousy, felt neglected, and wanted physical and emotional intimacy that he was unwilling to provide. When she left, she made a smart decision. Then, perhaps inspired by her bravery, Janelle Brown and Meri Brown decided to abandon their loveless unions with the famous patriarch. As three wives jumped ship, Kody was painted as the villain, and Robyn Brown too. There may be some truth to that analysis.

Initially, Sister Wives was a way for the Browns to show the world that polygamy could be a respectable option. Kody’s goal was to normalize plural marriage, which was still on the fringes, whether that was right or wrong. In early seasons, it seemed like he achieved that goal. The family was a cohesive unit, but even then, there were cracks under the surface. Polygamy is a complex social experiment, as wives are asked to repress normal and healthy human emotions for the sake of a greater goal, which is following God’s will. What plural marriage asks from women is brutal.

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Is Meri In A Relationship?

Sister Wives' Meri Brown looking off screen and Kody Brown looking straight ahead

Meri, so often the butt of jokes, waited much too long to leave Kody, who’d basically left her anyway. However, she did eventually break away, and there may have been good reasons why she stayed so long, even when Kody no longer made an effort to hide his disdain. While Meri gets mocked, she may have recognized that being in a plural marriage was the best way to earn money. It was her strongest option in terms of maintaining her standard of living. From that perspective, the decision to stay wasn’t pitiful, but practical.

Watching Christine make it on her own may have made Meri realize that she could do the same. These women are already very famous, and interest in their lives isn’t likely to wane for a long time. So, they can leverage their status as Kody’s exes, just as they leveraged being true “sister wives.” Meri has her controversial LuLaRoe venture (the company’s been called a pyramid scheme), and other opportunities will come her way. Nonetheless, if the show ends because the family has changed so much, she may take a financial hit.

Right now, Meri‘s not dating, and says she’s focusing on, “inner peace,” “growth,””self love,” and “gratitude, as per her Instagram Stories. However, that’s not all there is to Meri. There’s a lot she leaves unsaid, and she expresses some of her innermost thoughts through cryptic posts that are usually rather transparent. In the past, she possibly used the cryptic posts to try and reach Kody emotionally. However, he might as well have been on the moon. Her veiled comments served no real purpose as he’d already checked out of the relationship, if not formally. Now that all hope is gone, it’ll be easier for her to be herself online.

Meri’s been through a lot over the years. She used to have pride of place as the first wife. That title typically has cachet among those who believe in polygamy. She gave that title up for Robyn, who began to dominate the plural marriage. While Kody was technically in charge, it was clear that Robyn influenced him.

There’s nothing wrong with Kody loving Robyn. It’s just that the difference in his emotional temperature with her, versus the other wives, was so dramatic. With Robyn, he was smitten, rather than phoning it in. At first, he was elated to be in her presence, and there’s just no way to hide that kind of emotion. That passion for Robyn destroyed the polygamous family, but not right away. However, what happened to the family shouldn’t be perceived as a bad thing. No one was happy anyway.

Perhaps the demise of the Brown’s plural marriage should be celebrated. Everyone’s free to try and be happy now. In the marriage, all were trapped. What will Meri do with her freedom? Hopefully, honor herself, instead of living through a man. Life is short, and ultimately about finding happiness, with or without a man. Meri is trying to do just that, and deserves support.

Meri’s changed her life radically, and as someone who received an enormous amount of religious training, that was probably very hard to do. It’s understandable that she felt a sense of trepidation about breaking polygamy’s rules simply because she was unhappy. By freeing her mind, she’s embraced a new normal, where faith may still be important, but not be everything.

Is Janelle Still Single? (Kody Wants To Be In A “Throuple” With Her & Robyn)

Level-headed Janelle doesn’t seem to be focused on dating. Perhaps she needs a break, or has better things to do. Always the rational one (however, as per the show, she recently exploded, telling Kody to “f*ck off” during a frustrating conversation), Janelle is just living, without putting undue pressure on herself. She was the one who camped out at Coyote Pass in an RV, actually getting some enjoyment out of that cursed patch of land.

Earthy, with plenty of common sense, Janelle was the family’s worker bee. Christine often held down the fort, caring for ther kids and cooking and cleaning, and that’s work too. However, Janelle preferred to earn money outside the home. She liked business, and was a great provider for the large family. Now, she can put that same industrious spirit into activities that benefit her and (if she wishes) the children that she shares with Kody, including Paedon Brown.

Janelle probably has her moments, but she’s always been very independent. She probably loved Kody at one point, as she used to treasure their camping trips together. She may still love him, but she’s not one to sit and cry for long. She’ll make peace with the situation, if she hasn’t already, and find a way to be happy, no matter what’s happened in her life. For example, she’s turned her weight loss transformation journey into pure profit, by pushing dietary supplements. Although said supplements are controversial, she’s making money on Instagram, just like she used to do in an office.

Now, Kody reportedly wants to be in a “throuple” with Janelle, as per People. He seems to miss her, perhaps more as a platonic friend than a love interest. She was often his sounding board when he was embroiled in drama.

Christine Brown Is Engaged

sister wives christine brown david woolley montage with new house background

Christine’s the rebel. She’s the wild child sister wife. Hot-tempered and so alive, Christine ran for the hills, rather than spending one more minute “spiritually joined” to a man who didn’t love her. Bravo to Christine for taking this trailblazing step. Like the other former wives, she was steeped in religion, and likely had to do some inner work before she was strong enough to take this leap of faith. She found the self-confidence to leave, and the results have been spectacular.

Christine’s now engaged to David Woolley, and her smile has never looked so genuine. After years of torture, she’s free to try again. While torture’s a strong word, what else could describe the feelings of jealousy that Christine endured year after year, until her love for Kody finally died? It’s easy to downplay the emotions of the exes, since all knew what they were getting into. However, the way that women feel is important. Christine took Kody’s favoritism seriously. She was in love with him.

Now, she’s in love with someone else, and hopefully, he’ll be the good guy that she needs. Right now, it’s too early to say how things will go for this couple. Sometimes, men date famous women for the wrong reasons. If he’s on the level, Christine may get the happily ever after that she would never, ever have gotten with Sister Wives star Kody.

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