Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown opens up about her and her siblings’ issues with their estranged father, Kody Brown, after a toxic year of separation.

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is on the outs with all of his children, according to Gwen Brown. The daughter of Kody and Christine Brown has been one of the most outspoken members of the Brown children, especially when it comes to putting the father of 18 on blast. Since Sister Wives season 17 ended, Gwen has been spilling family secrets to viewers who may have had a feeling things were a bit off.

Recently, Sister Wives‘ Gwen Brown took to her YouTube channel to funnel her feelings about how her father has been acting as of late. During the video, a Sister Wives fan asked how Gwen’s sister Ysabel Brown’s relationship with Kody was going after he chose not to attend her back surgery in New Jersey. Gwen shared her honest perception of the family drama, replying, “He doesn’t have good relationships with any of his kids. And Ysabel is no exception to this.”


Gwen also shared her reaction to Kody’s confusion as to why Ysabel has been so closed off from him, noting he is “oblivious.” According to Gwen, Ysabel is hurt because the father of 18 was absent during her childhood.

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Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Only Gets Along With Robyn’s Kids

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives season 17 posing in front of outdoor background

In the same YouTube video, Gwen expanded on her and her sibling’s issues with Kody. The 21-year-old Sisters Wives star tried to set the record straight when she caught Kody blaming Christine for turning the children against him. Gwen has already admitted that she and her five siblings were trying to convince Christine to leave Kody for months. Gwen and most of her 17 siblings are over Kody not showing up for them, sharing that everything that happened with the polygamous family was Kody’s fault.

As Sister Wives viewers know, Kody is now only close with five of his 18 children, conveniently the ones he shares with his fourth and favorite wife, Robyn. During Sister Wives season 17, fans learned that those siblings and Kody are so close because they all live at home together and abide by Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules. In a recent episode, Kody explained that he and Robyn were all making efforts to connect constantly, noting it was an “energy of connection.” But all the other family members can’t help but feel neglected.

Due to Kody’s decision to isolate the rest of his large polygamous family, the patriarch ended up losing three of his wives. Christine, Janelle, and Meri all walked away from their loveless marriages and haven’t looked back. While Kody is still confused about the outcome, it became obvious that the Sister Wives star didn’t have the energy to spend on anyone but Robyn. Even though Gwen is opening up about her siblings’ struggles, it doesn’t look like Kody is getting the message as he continues to ignore his other children.

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