Single’s Inferno season 2 brought together couples that are still together, even after the show aired, and some that quickly broke up. The second season stuck to the same structure as the previous, with intense challenges akin to those seen on other reality survival shows. However, it also included romantic situations typical of shows like Bachelor In Paradise. The cast of 12 hopeful single men and women came to the island in search of a partner to get to know better at home, rather than leave engaged to, which sets the show apart from similar American series.

The cast of Single’s Inferno season 2 followed the path laid by Single’s Inferno season 1, with unexpected couples, and others that seemed meant to be from the first episode. With so much media attention, and the couples knowing nothing about one another until they go to Paradise together, it is hard for them to last once they are in the regular world. The Single’s Inferno season 2 couples came from all walks of life, with few participants having much in common. However, this didn’t stop specific cast members from finding a lasting relationship. Other participants have remained unlucky in love and have moved on to other adventures.



8 Shin Seul Ki & Choi Jong Woo – Unknown

These two are a bit of a mystery. Jong Woo and Seul Ki are definitely friends, having posted each other on Instagram multiple times, but they have neither confirmed nor denied a relationship together. It’s currently rumored that Seul Ki might be with Dex, but there’s no indication of that either way. Shin Seul Ki got much attention from the male cast members of Single’s Inferno. However, in the end, she chose the person she first connected with, Choi Jong Woo. As one of the most followed Single’s Inferno season 2 cast members on Instagram, Seul Ki’s profile is constantly being looked at for indicators of her relationship status.

7 Lee So E & Kim Se Jun – Not Together

Lee So E and Kim See Jun stand in Single's Inferno Kitchen

After being rejected by her first choice, Lee So E turned her attention to latecomer Kim Se Jun. The couple enjoyed Paradise together, and would leave as the first final couple of the season. This pair had the potential to become a classic reality show couple that lasted after the camera turned off, as their personalities aligned perfectly. So Lee noted in the finale that Kim made her feel comfortable, which was essential to her. Unfortunately, according to ShowBiz Cheat Sheet, Se Jun confirmed he and So-e were no longer together, and he viewed her as a little sister.

6 Choi Seo Eun & Jo Yoong Jae – Still Together

Choi Seo Eun and Jo Yoong Jae sit outside a tent on Single's Inferno

After two trips to Paradise together, it was clear that Seo Eun and Yoong Jae would choose each other at the finale, despite Seo Eun having two other men choose her. While this pairing was the obvious choice, the hosts were excited to see the couple leave hand in hand. In an Instagram Live, Yoong Jae confirmed that they were dating, and he saw a promising future ahead of them (via Koreaboo). After their final Paradise conversation, this came as no surprise.

5 Lee Nadine & Shin Dong Woo – Not Together

Lee Nadine single inferno intro still

Nadine and Dong Woo expressed mutual interest immediately on Single’s Inferno, but that changed when Dong Woo didn’t choose Nadine for his first trip to Paradise. This choice affected their outcome as a couple. Even though they had undeniable chemistry and similar career paths, something didn’t click between them, confusing fans. While seeing Nadine stand alone at the finale felt like one of the most unfair eliminations, some have held out hope for this couple to rekindle their spark (via Koreaboo). While they remain friends, both cast members are single.

4 Lim Min Su & Kim Jin Young – Not Together

Single INferno's Lim Min-su smiling

As two latecomers to Single’s Inferno, it seemed Jin Young and Min Su might be more comfortable with one another. Min Su clarified her intentions when she chose Jin Young to accompany her to Paradise twice, but they weren’t meant to be. Even though there was a spark between them, Jin Young was getting so much attention from the other women in the cast that it was hard for Min Su to pursue him on the island. Min Su would leave without a partner, as would Jin Young, but they have not met up again. Jin Young noted he is still single after a recent interview with Bustle.

3 Lee Nadine & Kim Jin Young – Not Together

Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young stand near a well


One fact about Single’s Inferno is there are always missed connections, with Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young being Single’s Inferno season 2’s almost-couple. Nadine and Jin Young have more in common than the hosts expected, making it seem like Nadine had made the right choice by moving on from Dong Woo. However, Jin Young couldn’t get over Seul Ki, resulting in him being “defeated,” as he noted in the finale. While there was potential for this couple to rekindle the evident spark, Nadine said her feelings were exaggerated for TV, and she was happy with his choice (via Elle Singapore, translated by KoreaBoo).

2 Kim Han Bin & Lee Nadine – Not Together

Kim Han Bin Smiles on the Single's Inferno Beach

Kim Han Bin and Lee Nadine didn’t go to Paradise, or on a date together, while on Single’s Inferno, but the pair has been caught together, and rumors are swirling. As seen with some of the couples seen on Love Island UK season 4, Nadine and Han Bin were just friends on the show. However, like Single’s Inferno alums So Yeon and Jin Taek, the castmates posted the cast’s similar locations simultaneously (via Asia One). However, Lee Nadine confirmed she was single in February 2023, squashing rumors.

1 Park Se Jeong & Kim Se Jun – Just Friends

Park Se Jeong was unlucky in love on Single’s Inferno. Still, for a brief moment, it seemed like something might be brewing between her and Kim Se Jun, before he fully commented to So E. While she hoped to be like one of the winning couples from Love Island UK, Se Jeong gained long-term friendships from the show, instead of relationships. The model received backlash for posting a moment from the show while wearing Se Jun’s coat. Some saw it as a dig at So E and Se Jun’s relationship (via KoreaBoo). The post was taken down, confirming the pair are just friends.

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