Single’s Inferno season 1 had great couples, some still together and some not. The series takes on the elements of a K-drama, but with the reality dating aspects of Bachelor In Paradise and competition shows like Survivor. With a cast of 12 attractive singles looking for love, there are endless possibilities for potential couples to come together. Single’s Inferno, based in South Korea, looks into international dating practices, while giving all the drama that’s showcased on other reality dating series.

The cast of Single’s Inferno season 1 has moved on from the show, but there’s still curiosity surrounding the surviving couples. Even though the show doesn’t expect the couples to be engaged when they leave the island, like other dating shows, their media attention can affect their relationship. Many of the cast members from Single’s Inferno season 1 were vocal about their brands and business ventures, making it evident that love may not have been a priority.



Song Ji-a & Kim Hyeon-Joong – Broken Up

Song Ji-A and Kim Hyeon Joong walk on the beach on Single's Inferno

Song Ji-a and Kim Hyeon-Joong seemed like a perfect match, with their careers involving fashion and influencing. Even though they had the potential to be a classic reality dating show couple, their relationship status was unclear. Hyeon-Joong unfollowed Ji-a after revealing that she wore fake designer clothing on Single’s Inferno (translated via Koreaboo). However, he noted that this wasn’t why he unfollowed her and remained friendly.

Moon Se-hoon & Shin Ji-Yeon – Broken Up

Moon Se-hoon and Shin Ji-Yeon had an exciting start to their romance, as Ji-Yeon initially rejected Se-hoon and her options for potential partners. However, the pair left the island together, but never declared their relationship status on Single’s Inferno. Like many couples who are not together from Single’s Inferno, Ji-Yeon publicly announced being single. On Shin Ji-Yeon‘s YouTube channel, she noted that she wanted privacy regarding her relationship status. While she didn’t speak about the split, Ji-Yeon clarified that she was busy with work. Se-hoon is also busy opening restaurants, as seen on Instagram.

Kаng So-Yeon & Oh Jin-Taek – Broken Up

Kаng So-yeon and Oh Jin-tаek smile on the beach on Single's Inferno

Kang So-Yeon and Oh Jin-Taek were another pair who seemed to have an instant connection, and became closer during their trips to paradise. They left the island hand in hand. However, the couple has remained cryptic about their relationship status.

Fans noticed Jin-Taek posting more sports-focused photos on Instagram, in similar places to where So-Yeon was making content for her social media. Sadly, the pair are no more, as Jin-Taek confirmed his new relationship with Lily Baek in May 2022, and the two recently celebrated their one-year anniversary (via Asia One).

Ahn Yea-Won & Kim Jun-Sik – Broken Up

Ahn Yea-won and Kim Jun-sik laugh together on Single's Inferno

Ahn Yea-Won experienced heartbreak when her first choice, Cha Hyun-Seung, chose to pursue Ji-A. However, all was not lost for the fitness model, as she started a romance with Kim Jun-Sik soon after. Like other couples on the show, Yea-Won and Jun-Sik left the island looking like love was on the horizon, but their careers kept them apart. In a YouTube video posted by Cha Hyun Seung TV, Yea-Won confirmed she was single, but remained friends with Jun-Sik. Their romance was never fully developed from the beginning.

Song Ji-A & Cha Hyun-Seung – Broken Up

Song Ji-a and Cha Hyun-Seung talk together on Single's Inferno

One of reality TV’s worst tropes is choosing to have influencers as contestants, but influencer Ji-A was entertaining when he became entangled in a love “quad.” By expressing her interest in more than one contestant, Cha Hyun-Seung vied for Ji-A’s heart, but was rejected by her at the finale. The couple wasn’t meant to be, and haven’t rekindled their romance since leaving the island. In a YouTube video by Ahn Yea-Won, Hyun-Seung stated that he regretted not choosing Yea-Won. Fans swooned over his confession, and noted their undeniable chemistry, but they said they were not dating. Hyun-Seung is single and will be on Physical 100.

Song Ji-A & Choi Si Hun – Broken Up

Song Ji-A and others stand on the beach on Single's Inferno

The best reality dating shows often have complicated relationships that end in tough choices, and Choi Si Hun was heartbroken when Ji-A made her final decision on Single’s Inferno. Si Hun was vocal about the effects of the break-up, stating that he felt the connection between them, and wouldn’t pick anyone else (via G Star Live). He also said he was in love with her, but that has passed because he has a girlfriend. There is no mention of a girlfriend on Si Hun’s Instagram, but he has not confirmed if he is single since the interview.

Seong Min-Ji & Moon Se-Hoon – No Second Chance

Seong Min-Ji looks pensive on Single's Inferno

The best reality dating shows often feature a contestant who refuses to give up, and makes their intentions of who they are interested in clear. On Single’s Inferno, latecomer Seong Min-Ji set her sights on Moon Se-Hoon as soon as she arrived. Even though she left with no love interest, Min-Ji was entertaining, as she brought more drama to the show and tested Moon Se-Hoon’s loyalty to Shin Ji-Yeon.

Kim Su Min & Choi Si Hun – No Second Chance

Kim Su Min talking on Single's Inferno

Kim Su Min and Choi Si Hun connected on Single’s Inferno, but another contestant stopped their romance before it started. Ultimately, both contestants left broken-hearted, and without a love match. While heartbreak could have brought them closer, Su Min hasn’t reconnected with Choi Si Hun, and is focused on her budding acting career. She’s furthering her already successful modeling career, according to her Instagram. Even though she had several cast members express their interest in her, no reconnections have been made.

Kim Su Min & Moon Se-Hoon – No Second Chance

Moon Se-Hoon soft smiles on Single's Inferno

Even though Moon Se-Hoon professed his intentions with Ji-Yeon from day one, he did try and couple with Kim Su Min. While not an official duo on the show, it seemed like there was potential for the pair to have a connection, but that quickly ended when Ji-Yeon agreed to date Se-Hoon. As previously stated, Se-Hoon is a successful restaurateur, and Su Min works as an actress and model, according to their Instagram pages. However, the former cast mates haven’t explored what could have been as they focus on their careers. Se-Hoon is a successful restaurateur, and Su Min works as an actress and model, according to their Instagram pages.

Kang So-Yeon & Kim Hyeon-Joong – No Second Chance

Despite leaving Single’s Inferno with other people, So-Yeon and Hyeon-Joong tested the waters of romance. However, they explored their options before making their final decision. When Hyeon-Joong expressed his love of So-Yeon’s cooking, it seemed like they were on the path to becoming a long-term couple, but their hearts pulled them in other directions. Despite not posting her status directly, So-Yeon and Jin Taek seem to be going strong in their relationship. Hyeon-Joong is single, even though he left with Ji-A.

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