While the original Silver Surfer of Marvel’s Earth-616 universe is immensely powerful on a cosmic scale, he is nothing compared to his DC crossover variant, as that version could take down Galactus with a single hit–and there’s one very specific reason as to how that’s even possible.


Norrin Radd became the Herald of Galactus known as the Silver Surfer after Galactus came to Norrin’s planet with the intention of consuming it. Norrin pleaded with Galactus, and even offered his life to save the countless lives of his people. Lucky for Radd, that was an acceptable exchange, as Galactus was in need of a new Herald at that point in time. So, Galactus imbued Norrin with the Power Cosmic, transforming him forever into the Silver Surfer. As the Silver Surfer, Norrin is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, and the confirmed most powerful Herald of Galactus. His powers include classic superhuman abilities like strength, speed, and flight, along with some of the more impressive powers, like cosmic energy manipulation/absorption, self-sustenance (allowing him to live in space), and near-invulnerability. However, as strong as he is, the Silver Surfer is nothing compared to the Silver Surfer’s DC crossover variant: the Silver Racer.

Amalgam Universe’s Silver Surfer is the Living Embodiment of Death

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In the Amalgam Universe comic Challengers of the Fantastic #1 by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett, a version of Galactus (who is merged with DC’s Brainiac) named Galactiac has invaded Earth just as Galactus did in Marvel’s classic Fantastic Four story. This time, however, the Fantastic Four (here known as the Challengers of the Fantastic) don’t have superpowers to stop him. Their origin was the same as the original Fantastic Four, only in this universe, the blast shields on their spaceship actually worked, protecting them from the cosmic rays. Unfortunately, that change was detrimental to the team in this issue, and potentially the entire world. Thankfully, the Herald of Galactiac named the Silver Racer did what his Earth-616 counterpart did and turned on his master to protect Planet Earth. Knowing his immense power, Galactiac fled rather than facing the Silver Racer in battle, which is the smartest thing he could have done, given the Racer’s ability to kill anything, even cosmic gods.

Galactiac Can’t Beat the Silver Racer

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The Silver Racer is the amalgamation of Marvel’s Silver Surfer and DC’s Black Racer. While the power of the Silver Surfer has already been highlighted, that of the Black Racer is even more impressive, and is the reason this Silver Surfer variant could defeat the classic Galactus with ease. The Black Racer is quite literally the physical manifestation of an aspect of Death. The Racer was born after Darkseid conquered Apokolips and then captured an aspect of Death. Darkseid then anchored Death to a physical host, which turned the Black Racer into Darkseid’s greatest weapon against other New Gods. Basically, the Black Racer is a god-killer who literally can’t die given that he’s actually Death. So, that mixed with the unparalleled cosmic power of the Silver Surfer, and the ultimate Galactus-killer is born.

The fact that the Silver Racer can easily kill Galactus isn’t lost on this Galactus-variant himself, as he literally ran away rather than fight him. If the Silver Racer ever found himself in the prime Marvel Universe, then the original Galactus would be wise to follow his variant’s lead, as the Silver Surfer’s DC crossover could take down Galactus with just one hit.

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