Warning: This article contains spoilers for Apple TV+’s Silo.

With at least one character dying in each Silo episode, the Apple TV+ series seems to be setting up a death trend that hints at how grim Juliette’s future can potentially get. Based on Hugh Howey’s book series, Silo initially focuses on the lives of Sheriff Holston and his wife, Allison, who struggle to navigate through their dystopian underground city’s strict rules and regulations. However, after establishing the couple as its primary protagonists, Silo suddenly changes lanes by killing them off by the end of episode 2.


Another seemingly significant character named George Wilkins meets the same fate as Holston and his wife when he incidentally ends up accessing the Silo’s forbidden secrets. In episode 3, Silo almost makes a trend out of its character deaths by killing off Mayor Ruth in its closing moments. With what follows, the trend seemingly continues when episode 4 hints that Deputy Marnes’ Silo journey may also be just as short-lived as Ruth’s. The abrupt doom of so many Silo characters in the first few episodes spells trouble for Juliette since, as of Silo episode 4, she is the only protagonist who has managed to survive.

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Silo’s Death Trend Spells Trouble For Rebecca Ferguson’s Juliette

Will Patton as Deputy Marnes and Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette in Silo

While Allison’s curiosity got the best of her when she decided to step out of the Silo, Holston was driven by his grief for his late wife when he followed in her footsteps. George Wilkins’ death was framed as a suicide, but he was murdered after he got his hands on the Silo’s confidential secrets. Like Wilkins, Ruth and Marnes also became targets of the Silo’s corrupt higher-ups when they dared to defy them. Given how Rebecca Ferguson’s Juliette will now be the new Sheriff and set out to find answers to the questions that Holston and Wilkins left behind, she, too, could become the next prey of the Silo’s powerful authoritarian forces.

Since George Wilkins was only an ordinary citizen, killing him might have been easy for the Silo’s influential superiors after they figured he had uncovered all the lies that blind the underground city’s naive citizens. However, the fact that they were also able to get Sheriff Holston, Deputy Marnes, and Mayor Ruth out of the way establishes that even the citizens who rank somewhere on top of the city’s hierarchy do not have enough authority to stand against the mysterious factions that pull all the Silo’s strings from behind-the-scenes. This shows that even though Juliette’s new position as the Sheriff gives her a semblance of power, she must tread carefully to survive.

Why Juliette Will Not Go Down As Easily As The Others In Silo

Silo's Rebecca Ferguson looking stoic.

Rebecca Ferguson’s Juliette may not be well-versed in the inner workings and politics of the upper floors of the Silo, but what gives her a solid edge over other characters is her tenacious spirit and willingness to think independently. As depicted in Silo‘s episode 4, Juliette faced many adversities during her childhood, especially after her mother and sibling passed away. At a tender age, she decided to start working in the Silo’s mechanical department, where she had to push herself out of her comfort every day.

Her childhood experiences of working in the Silo’s grueling lower levels toughened her up and helped her acquire leadership skills that set her apart from most other citizens. Living in the bottommost floors of the Silo, far away from the comforts of the upper echelons, also exposed her to the harsh realities of life inside the underground bunker and helped her acquire a survival mindset. Therefore, unlike other Silo characters, who failed to stand their ground against the city’s assertive leaders, Juliette will likely find a way around every obstacle they throw her way and not go down without a fight.

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