Warning: Spoilers ahead for Scream 6!

Scream 6 marks the first film not to star Neve Campbell as legacy character Sidney Prescott, making a comment from Scream 5‘s Ghostface incorrect. Sidney’s absence was one of the biggest disappointments of the recent film, as she has been a franchise staple since the first film premiered in 1996. Sidney’s made it out alive every time she’s been reacquainted with a new Ghostface. However, when Scream 5 premiered, introducing the next generation to be hunted by Ghostface, Sidney seemingly passed the torch to Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera), the illegitimate daughter of the original Ghostface, Billy Loomis.


Due to pay disputes, Campbell didn’t return for Scream 6, yet Barrera was able to carry the film with help from Jenna Ortega, returning as Sam’s younger sister Tara Carpenter. Luckily, legacy character Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) gave an update on Sidney, which made her feel like a part of the film even if she didn’t make a physical appearance. However, Sidney’s absence goes against something that one of the Scream 5 Ghostfaces said regarding why she needed Sidney to return to Woodsboro to kill Sam.

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Amber Was Wrong: The Franchise Doesn’t Need Sidney To Be A True Scream Movie

Amber looking suspicious in a bar in Scream 5

Scream 5 included two Ghostface killers. One was Sam’s boyfriend, Richie Kirsch, similar to when Sidney’s boyfriend, Billy, was the killer in the first Scream. The second was Amber Freeman. After Richie and Amber’s identities are revealed, Amber tells Sidney, “we had to bring the legacy characters back to make it matter. Can’t have a bonafide Halloween without Jamie Lee.

However, Sidney’s absence from Scream 6 proves Amber was wrong. The film went on without her, and surprisingly, it didn’t feel empty. Sam has the courage and integrity to fill Sidney’s shoes, and while Gale did appear in the film, the Sam and Tara dynamic felt very similar to Sidney and Gale’s. The mention of Sidney was special for longtime Scream fans, but Scream 6 was as clever and meta as all the other films, even without Sydney’s presence.

Sidney Can Still Return In Scream 7 (But She Doesn’t Need To)

Sidney Prescott riding the subway in a Scream 6 fan poster.

There’s been no confirmation yet of a Scream 7, but with the success of the last two films, another film will likely come in the future. It would be great to see Sidney back in Scream if Campbell and Paramount can come to an agreement. However, the film is doing well without her. It’s not that Sidney isn’t important and didn’t serve a purpose in her role because she did. Sidney is still crucial to the film, and the writers can undoubtedly come up with a storyline for her in a future movie. However, Barrera holds her own in the franchise because Sam shares Sidney’s fearless and relentless (when necessary) characteristics.

Sidney’s return would be amazing as no one could truly take her place. However, Scream 6 served its purpose just fine without Sidney, meaning Amber didn’t have to bring her back to Woodsboro. Though, one of the franchise’s strengths is breaking its own rules, including those listed by Randy Meeks in Scream 1 and his niece Mindy in Scream 6. So Sidney’s absence plays very well into what Amber suggested about the franchise.

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