Tesla wants Model S/X owners with free unlimited Supercharging to trade-in their EVs for an extra $5,000 credit, but it’s not a very good deal.

Tesla is offering Model S/X owners with free Supercharging access an additional $5,000 on their EV’s trade-in value, but is the monetary incentive worth the exchange? Part of Tesla’s earlier strategy to reel in sales was by providing buyers with free Supercharging for life. Superchargers are notable for their quick charge times, and unlimited usage meant drivers would enjoy incredible cost savings.

Tesla is now sending emails to Model S/X owners with the charging benefit, asking them to trade-in their cars. Redditor u/noahio shared a screenshot of the email in the Tesla Motors sub-reddit. In the email, Tesla offers an extra $5,000 on the EV’s trade-in value, provided they give up their unlimited access to Supercharging. Expectedly, not many early Tesla owners are keen on taking up this deal. Responding to the message, user u/havingsaidthat said “They want that Unlimited supercharging back. I’m going to drive for free until the end of time.” That sentiment was echoed by other people in the comments. Similarly, Tesla owner Tim Kulogo wrote on Twitter that he wouldn’t take the deal because of two things — giving up a “classic” Model S plus the inability to afford a new Model S/X.


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The Downside To Tesla’s Trade-In Offer

Tesla Model X and S in a mash-up photo showing a dollar sign and a Tesla supercharger

Unlimited Supercharging attracted plenty of buyers because it meant users could visit a stall and top up whenever they wanted. With more Tesla EVs appearing on the road, Superchargers are experiencing increased demand because of their speed and amenities in select locations. However, they’re more expensive compared to home charging. Tesla users with limitless access don’t have to worry about this though. That’s why giving up this perk in exchange for $5,000 doesn’t make sense, particularly if the car is in good condition.

Besides, Tesla has been largely criticized for its low trade-in values. Another flaw in Tesla’s trade-in program is the fact that Full Self-Driving (FSD) subscriptions can’t be transferred from an existing vehicle to the new one. That means the one-time purchase of $15,000 will have to be undertaken again on a new Tesla vehicle. The fact that the Model S/X don’t qualify for an EV tax credit doesn’t help either.

Giving up Tesla EVs equipped with free Supercharging would mean affected drivers would have to opt for more home charging. This can be easily arranged by getting the Tesla Wall Connector that can provide up to 44 miles of range per hour. While it’s not quick like a DC fast charger, it’s one of the fastest ways to charge an EV at home. However, for users who already have free Supercharging access, the combined cost of letting go of this perk and investing in a new Tesla might not be worth it for an additional $5,000.

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Source: u/noahio/Reddit, Tim Kulogo/Twitter

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