Tile’s Bluetooth trackers are incredibly popular, but to get the best use out of them, owners unfortunately have to pay a subscription fee.

Tile is one of the leading brands for Bluetooth trackers, but unlike rivals Apple and Samsung, Tile has a subscription plan that adds several features and benefits. Tile offers three main types of Bluetooth Trackers. They include the Pro, which has its longest range; the Mate, which can be used for a variety of belongings and also pets; the Sticker, which is designed for TV remotes; and the Slim, which is best for wallets and purses.

By default, all Tile trackers come with a free plan that offers very limited features, such as the ability to use the Tile app to ring the tracker if it’s within Bluetooth range; the ability to see a tracker’s location on a map when outside of Bluetooth range, and the ability to find a phone by double-pressing the tracker’s button. However, paying for a Tile premium plan adds six more features and even includes reimbursement for lost items. Tile offers two types of premium plans – a standard Premium plan which costs $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year, and a premium Protect Plan which costs $99.99 per year.


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Premium Vs. Premium Protect

Photo showing some features of Tile's Premium Plans

Both the Premium and Protect plans offer practically identical benefits, with only one difference. With either plan, users get a handful of additional features. For starters, premium subscribers receive Smart Alerts which are notifications informing them if they have left their connected belonging behind. There is also Unlimited Sharing which allows users to share their Tiles with friends and family, so they can help them find them. Owners of Tile trackers with replaceable batteries such as the Tile Pro will also receive free replacement batteries every year. The batteries will be mailed to subscribers when it is about time for them to be replaced.

Premium plan subscribers also get access to a 30-day location history and exclusive access to Tile’s customer care team any day of the week. Another benefit of paying for either of the premium plans is a free replacement for damaged or defective Tiles during an active subscription period. Tile also offers users a reimbursement fee if they lose a belonging with a Tile tracker that can’t be located. For the Premium plan, the reimbursement fee goes up to $100 while the Premium Protect plan offers up to $1,000. Tile suggests paying for a Premium Protect plan if users have a Tile tracker attached to a car key fob. This is because they are easy to lose and expensive to replace.

Surely, there are lots of benefits to paying for a subscription plan, and Tile even offers a 30-day free trial for interested customers. However, there are some features such as Smart Alerts that should not require a subscription and should be available by default to all Tile users.

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