• In the indie RPG Sea of Stars, players can choose between two main characters, Valere and Zale, to play as the protagonist.
  • Sea of Stars draws inspiration from classic Japanese RPGs like Chrono Trigger and Illusion of Gaia, featuring detailed pixel graphics and turn-based combat with active input elements.
  • Valere and Zale have different magical abilities based on the moon and the sun, respectively, but both characters offer unique offensive and defensive skills.

Indie RPG Sea of Stars features two main characters, Valere and Zale, either of which can be chosen as the playable protagonist. This decision is prompted at the beginning of the game, so making a call is necessary to start the adventure. Six total characters are playable in combat, but only Valere and Zale are eligible to stand at the center of the narrative and gameplay experience. Knowing which to choose and how much of an effect it will have throughout the story makes it easy to jump into Sea of Stars without worrying about potential regrets.

Sea of Stars takes its inspiration from classic Japanese RPGs like Chrono Trigger and Illusion of Gaia, mixing concepts old and new to honor the triumphs of preeminent titles in the genre. Its inspirations are most obvious in the detailed top-down pixel graphics and turn-based combat, with the latter featuring an element of active input similar to Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario games. Like most JRPGs, the party of characters is an important component of the storytelling, with each individual personality bringing a unique appeal to the table.

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Choosing Valere Or Zale In Sea Of Stars Has No Consequences

Sea of Stars Character Select showing Zale and Valere as options for the party leader.

Fortunately, selecting either Valere or Zale is unlikely to lead to any regrets in Sea of Stars. The choice doesn’t branch the game in any major way, with the story remaining the same regardless of whether Valere or Zale is leading the party. The decision can consequently be swapped out at will, so selecting either one won’t prevent any alterations later on. Some character interactions could have a slightly different flavor depending on who is leading the party, but not in a way with any narrative impact. Both will also be available in combat regardless of which is selected to lead the party.

Valere And Zale Have Different Magical Flavor

Key art for Sea of Stars, showing two characters perched on a rock and backed by a large moon in the night sky.

Without any fundamental narrative reason to choose either Valere or Zale over the other, the nature of each Sea of Stars character offers the biggest deciding factor. Both are Solstice Warriors with powers granted from their day of birth and years of training, with Valere entering the world on the winter solstice and Zale on the summer solstice. Valere’s powers are based around the moon and Zale’s around the sun, with both featuring unique offensive and defensive abilities alike. The clairvoyant Elder Mist has seen great potential in both of them, although exactly how this will play out for each remains to be seen.

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Picking between Valere and Zale might come down to factors as simple as seasonal preference, as there’s no innate reason to opt for one over the other. Regardless of which choice is made, both protagonists and a number of other interesting companions will be along for the ride. Although some RPGs put a heavy focus on making choices from the very beginning that have long-running ramifications, Sea of Stars focuses on one core experience that wholly encompasses a variety of character threads. Choosing Valere or Zale in Sea of Stars might seem like a tough decision, but it’s one with no wrong choice.

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